Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sun-Moon-Ascendant - "I, Me & Thou"

This is the thought I am planting into new soil for further growth and unfoldment overtime, perhaps in this very same posted area of the blog...

SUN & MOON represent the inner self, or "How I see myself"
SUN & ASCENDANT (or Rising Sun) represents the outer self expression or "How others see me"

The "I" is inner, the "Me" is outer.... this is the basis of understanding where the individual self, its three-part personality (prior to angles, nodes and planets...) is divided into two by way of inner-outer, our dualistic perspective, and the ultimate unity which is the Sun itself, detached from outer planetary activity/awareness, and connected with all other Suns in the Universe...

The Sun is Spirit individualized, astrologically stated, the circle of infinite and dot of individuality, the eternal being of the dot ultimately connected to (and dependent upon...) that of the circle. Where the dot begins all individual creative expression and experience, it is here that the Moon (the inner) and the Ascendant (the outer) have dualistic meaning, from which all other factors spring and develop...

The MOON & ASCENDANT indicate the personal sense of self, our inner and outer persona(s), which is a product of environment as well as heredity, they essentially indicate "How I see others"... If the Moon indicates the 2nd person, how I see myself through you, then the Ascendant is not only me in the 3rd person, it is everyone in the 3rd person or it is the world at large (as I personally see it, my outlook...). Qualities of my self that I share with the outside world, my mask of personality, is how I feel connected to the outside world, in body (at the Ascendant) and in soul/psyche (at the Moon).

The SUN (not its sign, just the Sun alone...) is that aspect of our core personality which embodies the Individuality or Character, the Higher Power of the Self, the vitality and consciousness that is the self connected spiritually and cosmically while essentially detached from (and creating...) all forms of this sentient world on Earth.

[Incidentally, the Earth itself is the very substance of the Sun and the stuff the Moon and Ascendant are made of. According to Esoteric Astrological tradition, it is said to be 180 degrees from the Sun and thus in the exact opposite position/sign degree as the Sun sign... thus attributing importance also to the polarity of dark, shadow and form as well as to luminosity, energy and conscious reality]


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