Friday, March 7, 2014

Astro Associations

Sun Moon Ascendant

The Moon is where I'm coming from
(The Inner Child)

The Sun is where I'm going 
(The Hero)

The Ascendant is how I'm getting there (The Hero's Quest)


Active/Yang - The Midheaven is the Sun and Ascendant getting to a specific place/position in the world. The ultimate destination, the sense of future, progress and realization. It is discovering new territory and taking initiative. 
(Leadership & Action)


Receptive/Yin - The Nadir is the Moon and Ascendant-Descendant coming from a specific place in the world that is a private psychic space plus a surrounding community that is familiar rather than foreign,  unlike the general public (Mid-heaven). It is a return home. 
(Nurturing & Relating)

The Planets represent dynamics that play out in relation and connection to what is outside the Self. The Sun, Moon and Ascendant are those centers of Selfhood which subjectively create the big picture of authentic individual life. The Planets simply represent the various archetypes that the Self encounters on the journey of life. The Moon is a psychic inner journey while the Ascendant is a worldly outer journey.

Inner Planets are personal and interactive like the Nadir (& Ascendant)

Middle Planets are social and collective like the Midheaven (& Ascendant)

Outer Planets are universal and spiritual like the Luminaries (& Rising Sign/Sun)

Joel David Zenie