Tuesday, May 5, 2009

More on Lunar Nodes - Past, Present, Future & Beyond

The South Node of the Moon keeps the "Lunar Self" in a private coccoon of self-protection and ultimately isolation. Any attempt at facing the present forward moving current of life meets only with resistance... that is, until seen with keen observation, complete attention and total acceptance. When seen in the light of detachment, more objectively, the understanding/awareness of all psychological conditioning and afflicting karmas that keep us stuck where we are, unable to progress wholeheartedly (with presence), it becomes clear the need to drop it entirely and take action immediately. This is the role of the South Lunar Node, and the keywords are acceptance, attention, release & letting go.

The Future orientation of the North Node (as contrasted w/ past orientation of South Node...) is all about the forward moving action which naturally proceeds from the very process of letting go... to let go is to move on, plain and simply put. Here I am challenged to take what appears to be the high road, the path of strong resistance, and still continue to "go with the flow". Creating, visualizing and manifesting new (often previously unforeseen) realities and positive experience. Using the creative power of my thought and the inner guidance of my feelings, I have the potential to expand beyond what I previously thought was possible in my private South Node world.

While the South Node, being tied to the past, is a line of least resistance within itself, eventually a great deal of resistance builds up once that comfort zone is no longer so comfortable... and this becomes clear as one attempts to meet the present reality or situation with the mindset of the past. Conversely, the North Node, indicator of present-future potential, appears to have strong resistance because it has not yet been practiced... yet as adjustments are made the North Node is perceived to be the very forward moving flow of a river that is heading to highest destiny or dharma. This being the very power that one fears (even more than failure) within oneself, it is there just waiting to be practiced and manifested outwardly.

All other factors in the chart indicate essential and existential planetary and earth bound (Ascendant & Angles) energies which express themselves spontaneously and are experienced by the native. It is the Lunar Nodes, however, that indicate to us whether we are regressing (south) or progressing (north) along the path of life.

Joel D Zenie