Saturday, February 28, 2009

Ad Adendum: On Gratitude

In a more positive note of appreciation, which is necessary in the act of total acceptance (or surrender), I should say that my co-workers are mostly very pleasant to work with, I do see a number of people during the day whose presence alone is worth appreciating and giving full attention to. In the end it is inevitable that the mind weighs all the pros and cons of any (job) situation and with most jobs (like mine) the negative far outweighs the positive... thus it is easier to emphasize the negative more, though perhaps this is ultimately the reason why things are as they are in the first place.

While the writer makes no pretense about being unselfish, and is feeling unusually ambitious and self-centered at present, it is not without appreciation for those in my life with whom I have friendly and positive (and sometimes negative) rapport. In this case I am thankful and grateful, beyond words, to all addressed herein...

There is only one thing in this world truly as important to me as my own success and happiness (from a less selfish perspective....), and that is the people in my life who really matter... to me personally.

Sincerely w/ Gratitude,


Pluto's Present Challenge - Contentment versus Complacency

Each day of facing this present reality, the conditions of ordinary life as they are right now (particularly at home, at work, and the immediate surrounding neighborhood...), one is challenged to reach a point of "radical acceptance" or surrender, which in the heat of the moment seems unreasonably demanding. For all the great teachers speak of "accepting what is" and being content... the future will unfold naturally from a successful present. Yet when the present moment is so very dull, and the people surrounding have so little to offer you personally, then all one has really is the ability to remain bored without getting overwhelmed or over-reactive to the outside world (i.e. customers and patrons). This being what Buddhist Pema Chodron refers to as "cool boredom".

What happens however when one becomes too comfortable with being bored, accepting and surrendering, thus feeling passive in the face of circumstances and not having the will or faith to really take that next giant leap? Perhaps one is bored merely from having not taken that leap into a world of much greater possibility... and learning to accept this boredom that I myself have created is the only choice for this given moment. So it seems there is a fine line between positive contentment and passive complacency... with room for that discontentment which initiates change.

As important as it is to keep flowing positively with a hectic yet mediocre existence, which offers little for my time and effort, I still will only be happy fulfilling my true (external, creative) purpose, which at this time is to write. So to not complain (under my breath) too much about wanting to be elsewhere, while at the same knowing that to stay here indefinitely is entirely unacceptable is the trick. As much as some people say they are proud of how long I've held the library job, what makes others happy (no matter how close they are to me personally..) does not make me happy. It's been suggested that I really try hard to make a boring job interesting, which I believe I am already doing quite well... considering.

It really comes down to embracing and accepting how crummy it is to be here, to be totally present with this and not expect it to be anything better or other than what it is... not running away from the reality of how much it sucks. Maybe then and only then does one really and truly find the indomitable will to change and transform present conditions, from the inside out.

In anticipation of a brighter better future...


Monday, February 23, 2009

Luminary, Planetary, Angular & Nodal Synthesis

1-SUN = Eternity & Presence (Eternal Now) - Objective Center of Spirit (yang), Higher Consciousness & Energy

2-MOON = The Present-Past - Soul (yin) to the Spirit (Sun), Mind to the Body (Earth) & Feeling

3-ASCENDANT = The Present-Future - Individual Character (yang), Outward Personality & Physical Body (Sun & Earth)
3a) Mid Heaven = The Future Outcome - The Forward (Ascending)Path of Ascendant
3b) Nadir = The Past Origin (or subject) - Mother, Home & Family to Ascendant
3c) Descendant = The Present Other (or object) - Horizon, Others & Partners

4-EARTH (Polarity) = Space-Time-Matter - The Subjective Center of Awareness (yin) & Body, Light & Dark, Shadow & Space
4a) Moon & Ascendant - Personality, Inner & Outer Persona(s)
4b) Nadir & Descendant - Relationship, Community/Society
4c) Mid Heaven & Vertex - World/Others, Fated Encounters/Events
4d) East & Aries Points - Idealism, Fame/Contribution

5-Mercury - Mars + Sun/Yang - Concrete expressions/manifestations of Solar Creation
6-Venus - Ceres + Moon/Yin - Concrete devotion and implmentations of Lunar Formation
7-Jupiter - Chiron - Neptune - The Transcendant Free Spirit, Sage & Healer
8-Saturn - Chiron - Uranus - The Genius or Fully Actualized Self & Teacher
9-Uranus - Neptune - Pluto - The Outer Planets, Agents of Change & Universality
10-Sun - Jupiter/Saturn - Pluto - The Sun at its destination and peak of perfection

**These Planets & The Sun (in #10) correspond (at this level 10) to the Ascendant, Mid Heaven and North Node respectively, in reference to the path of destiny, dharma & completion of all Earthly tasks at hand. The latter are nodal points of achievement, similar to what a gold medal or trophy represents to olympic and athletic competitors.

11-North lunar node - Sun/Jupiter/Pluto - Individual Dharma, Destiny & The Future
12-South lunar node - Moon/Saturn/Pluto - Personal Karma, Sanctuary & The Past

Part of Fortune - Ascendant/Moon + Earth = blessings & gifts from the South Node
Part of Spirit - Ascendant/Sun + Earth = achievement & aspiration of North Node

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Pluto Meets Uranus - Inquiry & The Quest for Truth

An interesting reply from a local friend of the Buddhist Sangha ( got me thinking more discriminately on topics of evil and hellfire, and my alleged "judgmental catholic side" that comes to the fore with such issues. I realized that there really is a discernment to be made here between that which is socially moral or religious upbringing, and that which precedes it... our feelings and emotions as they pertain to existence... this very earthly existence which Buddhists say is samsara or illusion, yet one cannot deny the aspect of Buddhism which points to nirvana and samsara being of the same essence and inseparable. It is why I am here learning from all this confusion, my errors, personal flaws and limitations, and evolving.

I CAN actually come to the point of recognizing how vindictive emotions, when overtly expressed in judgment can be very toxic... lest it be in a cathartic process (as the writer is prone to ...) of seeking clarifying or enlightening feedback.It depends whether or not one chooses to remain toxic and negative or is seeking only to understand and purge the Heart. The truth right now, which (in Krishnamurti's words...) is "a living thing" and not some transcendant otherworldly abstraction, is that I care about MY family and friends, and those who are most supportive of ME personally.... I would literally kill to protect those I love and care for, and frankly I don't think most people on this planet (or animals for that matter..) are any different or better on this count. The same love and protection I give to myself as well.

While evil may merely be an absence of good, there is an emotional element that I believe should not be brushed aside. In days of yore, and even today in Arab countries, people attended public hangings and other atrocities. There is an instinct in human beings to want justice, even flat out revenge... rather than get "holier than thou" and say "you should not be that way" why not go into it... REALLY go into it. How would you feel if your family was threatened right now.... just how much would you honestly care about the rights of this individual as a sentient being?

As much as we all really want to come together in unity the truth is we live in alienation, connecting with our own separate groups, societies and religions... and anyone who threatens to disturb or cause harm to this is considered the enemy, and this enemy if truly intending harm to others deserves little to no mercy.... Am I correct in thinking this? Perhaps only so from the perspective of another ignorant sentient human being, who feels too strongly about the people and things in this life which are my own. Yet if we don't acknowledge where we are confused, and ask questions, where is the possibility of any mental or spiritual progress??


Friday, February 20, 2009

The Dark Side of Pluto

*For those interested also in the teachings of radical eastern spiritual leaders, this article blends Buddhist and Zen or Taoist-like awareness as it is in the nature and power of Pluto.

Perhaps others (if only for a moment...) have questioned the appropriateness or delicateness of certain postings written in the recent past. Particularly regarding Kingston New York where I presently reside, and issues of greed, violence, dark capitalism, etc, and how Black Friday (for example) brings all of this right to the surface in unneccesarily tragic events. Part of the reason is because I do believe SOMEbody should bring up these issues.... the dark side of Pluto is the dark side of the human mind, manifesting in society and the world at large. In Jungian terms, if we choose to discard or disown this side of consciousness, leaving it unexamined and unhealed, it will continue to strike back as "my own worst enemy". This taking manifestation first in the Eighth House (Naturally Ruled by Pluto) and eternally brewing in the deep dark human subconscious of the Twelfth House (Esoterically Ruled by Pluto).

J.Krishnamurti and Chogyam Trungpa (whom I just found out on youtube had a dialogue back in Februrary 72') are/were two eastern teachers of spirituality considered radical, for Trungpa it was "Crazy Wisdom" and for Krisnamurti "The Awakening of Intelligence". Though religiously a Buddhist Trungpa began a whole new lineage, Shambhala Buddhism, within the Buddhist tradition. Krishnamurti was considered head of the New World Order (or some title of this nature...) and declined it, along with all notions of spiritual authority and over-identification with anything religious in the group sense of the word. Both teachers emphasize that we are to look at ourselves, examine the unregenerate human nature that brings about all the misery and suffering that is this world. Trungpa referred to this in his book "Meditation in Action" as "the manure which is first collected then scattered over the field of Bodhi".

One need not have access to any eastern spiritual teachers or books to awaken to the whole of life, which includes the bad and the ugly as well as the good. Self-honesty, humility and a lack of denial are all that is needed to shine the light of consciousness within. On this level I can look at myself directly, with some humility, and dissolve or transform whatever is the issue at hand... usually of form of dark resistance which requires only light, acceptance and letting go.

I admit to having issues myself regarding others, individuals and society, and with as much "moral relativism" as I can muster, I believe in the force of evil (the devil) and evil beings all the same. So where Mahayana Buddhists speak of "enlightenment and happiness for all beings" I vary from this in wishing all evil beings to burn in hellfires. I believe that maybe these spiritual people are conscious on a level that I cannot grasp. I watch a lot of mob movies (and the sopranos) and notice the seamy side of Pluto manifest in realities that many people will never let themselves see or be exposed to in any way. At worst most of us face sickness, tragedy, loss and death, inevitably... but these films emphasize it to a heightened degree of sociopathic mental illness. Human life in the mafia is so very cheap, dispensable and disposable... unless you become an 'untouchable'.

In feeling the tragic nature of existence on this Earth, it gives me all the more conviction and hatred for bad people... I don't ever want them to be happy or enlightened, at least not without first going through hundreds and thousands years of hellfire first. It is the Law of Karma makes sense, even when not apparent on the surface and knowing life definitely is not fair. Here is where my limit to compassion is and knowing my limits, as both Saturn and Pluto teach us (via the Moon), I can choose to emphasize the positive truth, that I care about my close inner circle of friends and family, friendly acquaintances, colleagues and coworkers and that aspect of humanity which/whom I believe to be genuinely good (with or without a million flaws).

Be kind to others (as often as possible..), live your truth with conviction and aspiration, and know your limits and boundaries which keep you alive. This is an immediate, down to earth and not so religiously decorated (aka Plutonian) way to evolve personally, individually and spiritually...

From Darkness back into Light


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Numerological Outline for Chart Reading(s)

1-Sun-Earth & Ascendant
2-Earth-Moon & Nadir

3-Mars, Venus, Mercury & Descendant
4-Ceres, Jupiter, Saturn, Chiron & Midheaven
5-Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Sun & Stars
6-North & South Nodes, Part of Fortune

7-Aspects and Planetary Configurations
8-Progressed Natal Horoscope
9-Transiting Planet Influences
10-Solar Returns, Current & Past Events

11-Composite & Relationship/Synastry Charts
12- Generations & Historical Trends

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Note from Author - On Planetary Synthesis

In the near future I may have several blogs of varying topics, all of which will be major topics of focus for my upcoming book. Topics ranging from the role of the planetary archetypes in the life of individuals and the collective human consciousness (as in this blog) to eastern spirituality and quantum theories, and most importantly a way to practice and manifest the knowledge, insight and wisdom gained in the knowledge of universal and cosmic truths.

The previous blog (at myspace) was an unstructured "stream of consciousness" which helped lay the groundwork for much of what is yet to come. This is for any/all persons interested in how the planets operate to empower and challenge us, as with the light of the Sun we continue to be the co-creators of God's universal plan...

In Light


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Planetary Instincts - Intuitive Astrology

I recently picked up an old (signed) book from Elizabeth Rose Campbell, whose book signing at Joshua's Restaurant in Woodstock back in September 2003 I attended. A couple of years ago I heard among a Buddhist circle of friends that she had died suddenly. The book entitled "Intuitive Astrology" is a brilliant reader-friendly, no-nonsense, practical guide to self-empowerment... written in/for this millennium.

Interestingly I recall during her talk questioning her point (that I get now...) about the Sun and how it urges one to look at *this life* as the only life we've got. I pointed out that the Sun is also symbolic of one's spirit and immortality and the confidence that the individual (at core) survives death. Her response was "as a Pisces, I am inclined to agree with you. As it turns out, The Sun is both of these things... the sense that the present is all that one has, and that this presence is eternal, independent of all belief or speculation on past lives.

I wish to share one part of this brilliant piece of Astrological literature and encourage all to pick up a copy at a local new age bookstore. This being on the Luminaries, Planets & Nodes:

SUN - The instinct to shine at the center of your own story
MOON - The instinct to have a home (and security)
MERCURY - The instinct to communicate (and learn)
VENUS - The instinct to love (and relate)
MARS - The instinct to act (survive and thrive)
JUPITER - The instinct to philosophize (to sum it all up)
SATURN - The instinct to commit
CHIRON - The instinct to heal
URANUS - The instinct to express Truth
NEPTUNE - The instinct to express Soul
PLUTO - The instinct to express Power
NODES - The instinct to look at one's past (South) and future (North)

There is a great section on the Zodiac Signs as well and the human reality these represent!!

In Stellar Light,