Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Cardinal Fire In Five Planets

Sun and Moon, Mars and Venus are in late Aries and passing through swiftly. Soon all will be in Earthy Taurus except for Uranus which will stay in early Aries for a while. Mercury also for a short time will pass through this Cardinal Fire and be swiftly gone. The Moon visits Aries in the sky for two days once a month, and which is presently the Aries New Moon.

All the lessons of the faster-moving planets which happen yearly and which are happening in synchronicity with Mars in Aries (His sign of rulership) this year, will leave their lessons for Uranus in Aries, where this planet shall remain over the next 5-6 years. We have this Uranian super-conscious intelligence as a reference to the Aries impulse, fire, vision, clarity, being and most of all energy.. the energy of aliveness, passion, spontaneity and of blazing one's own unique trail.

The time is right now, particularly over these next couple of weeks, to maximize the cosmic energy that is available for active purposes, for creative purposes from which everything else will follow. Then into Taurus, the building, the manifesting, the farming and growing etc. Right now is the idea and later the earthly manifestation. This will come more easily and naturally when Mercury moves out of it's current foggy Piscean state and into proactive, quick thinking Aries on Sunday the 14th.

With Gemini later on in the spring personal experience will become more socialized, more friendly, more neighborly, with maybe more opportunities. Right now social concerns are secondary, later they will play a more interesting part, Especially with Jupiter in Gemini at this time in it's 12 year cycle.

In my own natal chart there is a correspondence of Aries to the 9th and 10th Houses (Public Interests and Occupation respectively), Taurus to the 10th and 11th (Occupation and Social Connections respectively), Gemini to the 11th (Friends, Groups) and then Cancer to the 12th (Inner Life, Solitude), beginning again at the Ascendant Leo which is the first house, starting a new cycle of personal outside activity.

Joel David Zenie