Thursday, June 25, 2009

Heart of the Rising Sun - Astro Synthesis in the Dance of Creation

I Circle of Spirit - Luminaries & Planets, Ascendant & Angles, Lunar Nodes & all Sensitive Points/Parts

Looking at life from the transpersonal cosmological perspective, to see the grander picture which is the universal dance of creation... and my part in it!

II Cross of Matter - Ascendant, MC/IC, Descendant and the Twelve Houses of Life

Labeling more specifically, in terms of my own life, what the twelve houses signify. Example using my own life...

1st House - Exercise - Physical & Mental (i.e. jogging, yoga, sitting meditation)
2nd House - Money - Earning it, Spending it, Budgeting & Making Connections
3rd House - Correspondence - Emails, Calls, Appointments, communications in general
4th House - Downtime/Reflection - Thinking, Journaling, Talking to Friends, Relaxing
5th House - Pleasure/Leisure - Everything done for fun, creative and romantic ventures
6th House - Work Duties - Showing up on time, performing of tasks & responsibilities
7th House - Social Connection(s) - Everything we do in the public company of others
8th House - Feng Shui - The elimination of dead matter, creation of space and flow
9th House - Cosmology - Man's quest for meaning, cosmic puzzle developed overtime
10th House - Aspiration(s) - Long term ambitions, goals, and heights of achievement
11th House - Friends, Guides & Mentors - Those whom we connect with that uplift us
12th House - Spiritual Life - What is my connection to God or Source Energy?

III Crescent of Soul - Individual Dharma & Personal Karma - What does my natal chart, Planets-signs-houses-aspects, reveal about my life, it's flow, function, purpose, aspiration and destiny?

Begin with the Sun-Moon-Ascendant as your fundamental and immediate NOW reality, each relating and integrating in a way that gives further expression, experience and evolution via the Inner & Outer Planets, the Angles, Nodes, Parts and Points. How does all this synthesize in your daily moment to moment existence? Astro-Synthesis is key to understanding that the whole (the individual) is greater than the sum of its parts.

IV Abhyasa & Vairagya - Laws of Vibration, positive thinking, feeling and action, and the letting go, the detachment from or death of something in our lives, clarification and purification of consciousness (external & internal) and returning to the Source. The role of the Outer Planets (especially Pluto) and Lunar Nodes play in the Sun's complete unfolding evolution. Here we blend the cosmological archetypes with the Reality of the Universe (and human life) as it is seen in the light of divine consciousness and awakening.


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