Friday, March 7, 2014

Astro Associations

Sun Moon Ascendant

The Moon is where I'm coming from
(The Inner Child)

The Sun is where I'm going 
(The Hero)

The Ascendant is how I'm getting there (The Hero's Quest)


Active/Yang - The Midheaven is the Sun and Ascendant getting to a specific place/position in the world. The ultimate destination, the sense of future, progress and realization. It is discovering new territory and taking initiative. 
(Leadership & Action)


Receptive/Yin - The Nadir is the Moon and Ascendant-Descendant coming from a specific place in the world that is a private psychic space plus a surrounding community that is familiar rather than foreign,  unlike the general public (Mid-heaven). It is a return home. 
(Nurturing & Relating)

The Planets represent dynamics that play out in relation and connection to what is outside the Self. The Sun, Moon and Ascendant are those centers of Selfhood which subjectively create the big picture of authentic individual life. The Planets simply represent the various archetypes that the Self encounters on the journey of life. The Moon is a psychic inner journey while the Ascendant is a worldly outer journey.

Inner Planets are personal and interactive like the Nadir (& Ascendant)

Middle Planets are social and collective like the Midheaven (& Ascendant)

Outer Planets are universal and spiritual like the Luminaries (& Rising Sign/Sun)

Joel David Zenie

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Cardinal Fire In Five Planets

Sun and Moon, Mars and Venus are in late Aries and passing through swiftly. Soon all will be in Earthy Taurus except for Uranus which will stay in early Aries for a while. Mercury also for a short time will pass through this Cardinal Fire and be swiftly gone. The Moon visits Aries in the sky for two days once a month, and which is presently the Aries New Moon.

All the lessons of the faster-moving planets which happen yearly and which are happening in synchronicity with Mars in Aries (His sign of rulership) this year, will leave their lessons for Uranus in Aries, where this planet shall remain over the next 5-6 years. We have this Uranian super-conscious intelligence as a reference to the Aries impulse, fire, vision, clarity, being and most of all energy.. the energy of aliveness, passion, spontaneity and of blazing one's own unique trail.

The time is right now, particularly over these next couple of weeks, to maximize the cosmic energy that is available for active purposes, for creative purposes from which everything else will follow. Then into Taurus, the building, the manifesting, the farming and growing etc. Right now is the idea and later the earthly manifestation. This will come more easily and naturally when Mercury moves out of it's current foggy Piscean state and into proactive, quick thinking Aries on Sunday the 14th.

With Gemini later on in the spring personal experience will become more socialized, more friendly, more neighborly, with maybe more opportunities. Right now social concerns are secondary, later they will play a more interesting part, Especially with Jupiter in Gemini at this time in it's 12 year cycle.

In my own natal chart there is a correspondence of Aries to the 9th and 10th Houses (Public Interests and Occupation respectively), Taurus to the 10th and 11th (Occupation and Social Connections respectively), Gemini to the 11th (Friends, Groups) and then Cancer to the 12th (Inner Life, Solitude), beginning again at the Ascendant Leo which is the first house, starting a new cycle of personal outside activity.

Joel David Zenie

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Core Intentions of Luminaries, Earth & Planets

1) Rising Sun & North Star Intention: Intelligent Action - Intuition : One must not only detach from the false, but be affirmative and pro-active in the service of what is true. This self-affirmation finds reward in the action itself, more so than the external fruits of labor. Courage and initiative, sometimes self-assertion and aggression. (0,1) Leo Mars Rising, Aries MC; Aries/9th House North Node

2) Earth, Lunar & South Node Intention: Start from where you are... no matter what is going on, or where you are in your life and mind, it is the ideal place from which to rise above circumstance, take positive action and make a victorious comeback. Learn to love and accept what is, without resistance, all the time. (0,2) Scorpio Moon + Neptune, Libra IC; Libra/3rd House South Node

3) Solar & Planetary Intention: Intelligent Action is efficient, precise and practical, applied to earthly and concrete physical/mental matters. To develop greater skill and be of service (Virgo) in the practical sense (Virgo/2nd House) to others: Virgo Sun + Mercury/Venus/Jupiter/Uranus/Pluto

4a) Spiritual Solar Intention (future & spirit orientation): To be fully awake, alive and present, living and evolving to full potential, establishing an ever wider universal connection. Meditation in Action.. Sun-Jupiter, Aries North Node in 9th House, Leo Ascendant, Aquarius Descendant, Libra/Taurus (Venusian) Part of Fortune in 4th & 10th Houses

4b) Spiritual Lunar Intention (past & mind orientation): To silence the mind in regular daily meditation, be kind, open and compassionate toward others, listening with full attention, as much as possible. Scorpio Moon conjunct Neptune, sextile Uranus/Mercury/Venus in Virgo... In YOD config with Saturn in Aries. Libra South Node in 3rd House.

Joel D Zenie

Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Stars and The Earth

It's uplifting and inspirational to reflect upon the nature of the Universe, the Sun, the Moon and the Stars, and what they all mean. It is however only really meaningful with the possibility of grounding this knowledge in concrete actions, sensations and down to earth experience. Otherwise such reflections are only a pleasurable escape which undermine living actively and feeling really connected here on Planet Earth.

Your own personal cosmology, be it astrology, transpersonal psychology or any other 'ology' is best when applied not only in reflection but also in action. All that the Stars, Sun, Moon and Planets embody, symbolize and represent is a reality manifesting here on Earth... The Earth is that planetary energy which represents how the other planetary and stellar bodies become concrete realities, subject to sentience and a generally subjective outlook or gestalt perspective on one's own life. 

Knowing one's own life meaning and personal guidance is the first priority, then it becomes more possible to assist others (those without much knowledge of Astrology) in helping them understand theirs, either as a  personal friend or professionally in a reading.

 The Sky and Earth, the Stars and Living Beings, must come together, in universality, synthesis and perfect harmony.

In Stellar Light,

Joel D Zenie    

Monday, July 4, 2011

Everyone's a Leo

The astrological Sun, ruler of Leo, embodies the essential core of the individual personality in all beings. Everyone, however introvert, wants to shine at the center of their own existence. This ego is a mixed blessing, and like learning how to drive a car must be handled with the utmost of mindful care.

There is beauty and joy in the solitude of standing alone, creating, expressing and manifesting all that one is as a divine co-creator. There is ugliness and discord in the ego's need for applause, and in the competition for the spotlight. There is disillusionment in wanting an audience, admiration and applause. Ultimately, for most of us anyway, there is no appreciation coming from the masses but only from the very precious few friends who are close enough to care about our personal offerings.. and even this is fleeting/transient, not to be depended upon. While there are a few exceptions, those very big famous personalities respected by many, for most of us it is not this way and the great challenge is in recognizing and appreciating one's own inherent divine potential.

Seeking applause is a losing battle... perhaps this is why the Sun exalts in individualistic Aries and falls in approval seeking Libra. Yet the flip side is that it takes great strength to appreciate the offerings of others, without getting an inferiority complex or becoming lost in petty comparison and competition.

Maybe having a Leo natal ascendant inclines me to look at the world in this egocentric light, yet this does not make it any less true to life. I see folks on facebook presenting themselves as highly spiritual and evolved individuals, with 4000+ friends and a list of all their credentials and accomplishments. I see folks in everyday life striving for higher positions in society, and celebrities worshipped like gods. I also see a lot of very talented and intelligent people getting little or no recognition for anything. It is here that one must stop for a moment and recognize that, however worthy such individuals may be, they are no better than the rest of us who are deemed ordinary and average in the public eye. No matter how much others have accomplished outwardly, or how much social power he/she has, there is no measure for the quality of inner life, the truly important Solar (and Lunar) principle.

That power which is accompanied by humility and the absence of vanity is a true mark of success. It means not to follow anyone nor to expect followers, but to a blaze a trail that is uniquely your own, while recognizing the interdependence from which this individuality has originally sprung. It also means ignoring completely any sneers and petty judgments of which small minded folks are occasionally inclined. Most importantly, it is a kind of respect that values the individuality of all beings so that shining at the center of your own existence does not eclipse nor is eclipsed by the light of others.


Joel D Zenie

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Number 12

Associations: The Hanged Man, Neptune-Pisces-12th House, Midnight and Noon, The Zodiac, The Trinity (1 + 2 = 3)

(Below) from

* Twelve is the number of what is completed, which forms a whole, a perfect and harmonious unit. In the ancient civilizations, like Oriental and Judaic, it corresponds to the plenitude, the completion and the integrality of a thing.
* Represent the manifestation of the Trinity to the four corners of the horizon - 3 X 4.
* Symbol of material and spiritual food, because of the 12 breads which Jesus Christ broke to the Last Supper, Himself being the Bread of Life.
* Number attributed to the government of the world or the cosmos.
* It is the creative capacity, and in some religions, it expresses also the Divine Mother.

(Below) from

The number 12 is the first number of the level 4 of spirit manifestation, which connects us with the cosmic karma. This is something that is experienced directly, and not in a roundabout way as it was with the number 11. On the level of the number 11, the individual is still largely unaware of his personal karma. He also does not know how his karma is connected with the cosmic karma of humanity as a whole. Since the number 11 goes out in the open space for the first time, the physical bodies of such individuals are largely unprepared to undertake the strong spiritual vibrations impacting them and the powerful influences coming from spiritual beings that reside very high in the spiritual hierarchy. For this reason, they experience the events in their life as shocks, traumas, and turmoil. On the level of the number 12, however, things get leveled out. Life is experienced (at least outwardly) as harmonious (12 is divisible by 3) and the individual feels his or her connection with the global plan for humanity and the cosmic karma.

The man of the number 12 feels and collaborates with the spiritual world more or less consciously, thus he feels and sees the immediate results of this collaboration in the material life. The man of the number 12 is confident, because he knows that collaboration with the spiritual world “works.” The last thing that he would like to do is to slide back from his comfortable position back to the energy of the number 11 of total social unacceptance. If nothing else, he will strive to climb up to the number 13, which is alluring him with vast matter-of-fact achievements on the material plane (although this might be a lie, but on the level of the number 12 there is no way to know that).

On a very high level, the person of the number 12 is able to withstand with easy the intensity of very high vibrations, thus willingly cooperating and collaborating with the spiritual world on variety of earthly problems, which ultimately leads to the minimizing of their negative karma and impact on the people. However, in order to be able to do this, the person in question should consciously get out of the limits, accepted as common ethics and norms by the society and be willing to regard and work with the above mentioned issues not from an earth perspective, but from a cosmic perspective. In other words, the person of the number 12 is asked the same, what the person of the number 11 is asked for, with two very important differences which are:

* Firstly the person should be able to withstand the high level of spiritual energy that is bestowed upon him or her and
* Secondly, the person is willing to participate consciously and willingly in the earth matters, however, not from an earthly but from a cosmic perspective.

Needless to say, such person should be to a fair degree free from selfishness and should be willing to be self-sacrificed for the common good if the need will be. However, on the level of the number 12 this process is much smoother, since the inner understanding and conviction of the benevolence of all earth events, makes the process harmonious, easy, and almost painless.

Some of the manifestations of the number 12 on the earthly plane are the arts, especially the music, since there are 12 major half-tones. It is obvious that music is very well implemented on the earthly plane, however, it originates definitely not from this world! No great composer ever wrote a single piece of music, without a divine inspiration. Another obvious manifestation of the number 12 is astrology. There are 12 signs of the Zodiac and 12 astrological houses, each one pertaining to one of the astrological signs. The 12 signs of the Zodiac can be regarded as the cosmic backdrop in front of which the planet of the Solar system perform their great show, and the 12 astrological houses are the areas of life, where the cosmic energies of the signs will be implemented in the earthly life, according to the planets in it. In this respect, one can say that the number 12 is revealed on earth more like an ideal concept. This ideal concept is seeking its way to be fully implemented into some practical, down-to-earth solution of the earthly problems, but it is nevertheless not fully achieving this. Its first manifestation (the music) is filling up the human soul with a harmony of a very high spiritual order and its second one (the astrology) is revealing to humans that their destiny is just a fragment of the cosmic evolution.

The number 12 can be divided into the numbers 2, 3, 4, and 6. This indicates that the energies of all these numbers are contained into the number 12 itself. This is best illustrated through the division of the 12 signs of the Zodiac in these respective numbers. If we divide 12 by 6, the result is 2. In such way, we get six pairs of two signs each. These are called masculine and feminine signs of the zodiac. They alternate in order, starting from Aries (masculine), Taurus (feminine), Gemini (masculine), Cancer (feminine) and so on.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Karmic Debt Numbers

Karmic numbers

Hitchcock singles out four compound numbers for particular attention and relates them to Tarot cards. These numbers, she suggests, represent the influences from actions in previous lives that have to be overcome in this life. The karmic numbers are 13, 14, 16 and 19. The problem here is that there are several different and conflicting orderings of the Major Arcana. My favourite deck, the Thoth Tarot starts at 0 for the Fool, for example.

Leaving aside these difficulties for a moment, here is Hitchcock's take on these numbers and their related Tarot cards:

Malefic or Karmic number thirteen

The Tarot card for arcanum thirteen is entitled "Death" or "The Reaper". It is symbolized by the skeleton, which is the accepted figure of death, taken figuratively. You fear death mainly because you fear the unknown beyond the grave. The actual interpretation is that death does not mean the end of life, but it constitutes change, motion, or transformation. Change is what we call death. In other words, death is a rebirth, renewal, and an inspirational beginning. The thirteenth card or karmic number signifies that death is merely a change of consciousness.

Through superstition the number thirteen came into ill repute. It really is a period of regeneration. The keyword is work on the material plane. The warning given is that there is danger of backsliding into laziness, negativity, and inefficiency. Trials and tests of proficiency will be given on the material plane, and work is the solution. It warns against being indifferent, discontented, and ill-mannered.

Malefic or Karmic number fourteen

Arcanum fourteen represents physical possessions. It warns of loss of property and failure in business. It is hard for a fourteen to learn his lesson, because he often tries to gain freedom by destructive methods or at the expense of others. This brings loss, sickness and death. You are too interested in physical physical senses. Fourteen has also been called the number of experience. If fourteen is found as the total vowel number, then you'll experience many emotional upsets and delays. If fourteen occurs as the total destiny number, many disappointments and losses will be encountered. If fourteen is the total of the birthpath, you must learn the lesson of detachment. This means to have and let go.

The basic message of the warning number fourteen is lack of understanding. Often we don't understand the motives of others, not even our own, for we act one way and think and feel in another. Through understanding we develop humility, compassion, and overflowing love. We should avoid going to extremes. Be temperate.

Hitchcock does not actually name the associated card, but it is pretty clear she is talking about the Temperance card; the last sentence is a bit of a give away.

Malefic or Karmic number sixteen

Tarot card number sixteen entitled the "The Tower"depicts ruin. The falling tower indicates the crushing of human pride and vanity. The structure was built of ignorance and wrong doing, through self-will and a self-centred life. Not until we understand the true nature of willpower do we destroy false ideas, and learn what is right.

Number sixteen warns of some strange calmity, defeat of plans, disgrace, accidents, deception, and adversity. It indicates the karma of former illegitimate love affairs. Number sixteen offers the test of optimism and faith. "If number sixteen is found as the total of the soul's urge, it shows false friends and broken dreams. If it appears as the destiny number, it warns of loss of name, position, fortune, and power. If it is the number of the total birthpath, then all the tragedies must be learned - love to lose, rise to fall. You must not cling to the material.

Karmic number nineteen

Tarot card number nineteen symbolizes the "Sun" or "Reunion." It is not inanimate, but a living force. Nineteen is the equalizer or collector. It demands an "eye for an eye." We get out of life just what we put into it. Number nineteen warns you not to be domineering, but exercise tolerance. You formerly took something, and now you must pay it back. It is a test of endurance. If your soul's urge totals nineteen, then you'll have to face all of life's secrets which may have been hidden and are now dragged out. If nineteen occurs as a total of your destiny, you may find you have lost everything at the end of your life. If nineteen occurs as the total of your birth path, then you must meet your failings, and reap what you have sown. Even though you'd like to be free, you must now pay the piper. If nineteen occurs as the total of either your heart or destiny number, it means you brought this karma over from a previous life. It is a weakness in character which must be overcome by living up to the digits of the test number.

If you cast your eye over my name and date of birth, you will find that 19 in particular is relevant to me. My birth path can also add up to 19. I must say, many aspects of this number have surfaced over years, in particular during my Second Pinnacle (1+9=10 or 1). Nineteen gives an the opportunity to discover the reasons for events in life, a useful skill for a clairvoyant.

Helyn Hitchcock