Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Elements and their Trinity Signs

Cardinal & Fixed, Aries & Leo = Subjective/Personal Fire
Mutable Sagittarius = Objective/Impersonal Fiery Subjectivity


Cardinal & Fixed, Libra & Aquarius = Objective/Impersonal Air

Mutable Gemini = Subjective/Personal Airy Objectivity


Cardinal & Fixed, Capricorn & Taurus = Objective Earth

Mutable Virgo = Subjective/Personal Earthly Objectivity


Cardinal & Fixed, Cancer & Scorpio = Subjective Water

Mutable Pisces = Objective/Impersonal Watery Subjectivity


**Mutability flips the initial/original Cardinal-Fixed orientation of a given element. Cardinal and Fixed Fire and Water are Subjectively oriented while their Mutability (Sag and Pisces, Jupiter Ruled) reverses this principle, lending objective (collective) orientation to subjective awareness; likewise the Earth and Air Cardinal-Fixed orientation is initially Objectively oriented, while their Mutability (Virgo and Gemini, Mercury Ruled) lends a subjective orientation to objective awareness.