Thursday, December 31, 2009

Four Resolutions & Four Angles - The Cross of Matter

#1 Ascendant - 1st House - Keynote: Individual Action and Self-Assertion (Ascension)

Commitment to mindfully productive and efficient action, in service of self. A commitment to succeed by moving forward, out of comfort zone and into the mainstream of living. Movement, focus and flow.

#2 Nadir - 4th House - Keynote: Subjective Personal Life, Home & Heart, Coexistence

Emotional and Physical Feng Shui, in the home of the psyche, the body and household, healing and emotional wellness, for myself and immediate partner. Become more communal and less of a homebody. Commitment to inner wellness, stability and harmony.

#3 Descendant - 7th House - Keynote: Others, Key Partnerships, Social Life, Service

Serve, Love and Give as much and as often as possible. Cease living in isolation (even when in solitude)... all service, generosity and overall benevolence I get for myself I also give to others however I can. Commitment to love, relationship and significant others.

#4 Mid-Heaven - 10th House - Keynote: Objective Public Life, Time, Occupation, Obligations (to self and society).

Fill time up wisely, waste not want not, expand horizons in the outside world, establish structure/system for managing my time, responsibilities, obligations and outside activities intelligently and efficiently.


Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Inner and Outer Personality (as defined in Astrology)

The Ascendant or Rising Sign determines the primary nature, temperament, physical appearance and outlook on life... all of which characterizes our outer orientation to the outside world. Yet this factor alone does not determine everything about our personality as the world perceives and vice versa... There is also the Sun, Moon and Inner Planets, not to mention the Lunar Nodes and Part of Fortune, all of which play a part in the expression of character. Speaking as one with mostly all Earth and Water Signs to color and influence my Natal Luminaries and Planets, I find that having a dynamic Leo Ascendant is not enough by itself to make me an extrovert life of the party kind of individual... in my own private personal space sometimes, but never in group or social situations.

Do we look to the Ruling Planet of the Chart... its Sign, House and Aspects? How about Planets located in the 1st and 7th Houses of the natal chart, and those close to the Ascendant (or closely aspecting it) especially? This provides some modification as does weighing the emphasis of different Elements in the Chart. I think these factors all play a part in determining how introvert or extrovert the native is, and yet there is something more to consider here...

The Core of the Individuality, Personality and Self-Image, is The Sun and The Moon. Regardless of how the outer persona of the Ascendant plays out when the individual is simply "being oneself", without the mask of outer personality and purpose used as a front... the Ascendant here simply provides a focus of perception and expression consistent with the luminary (inner) nature of the individual in question. It adds a third component of expression natural to the Ascending Sign which modifies but does not change the nature of the Sun and Moon positions.

There are those who say the Sun represents the Inner Character while the Moon rules over our more superficial personality traits in response to environment. Others say it is The Moon that is inner reflection and feeling while The Sun is the outward expression. Given the nature of the Sun and Moon as rulers of Leo and Cancer respectively, I am inclined of the Sun as outer and the Moon as inner, though recognizing it may be a bit more complex than this.

What do others think about this?


Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Neptune Square & Midlife Crisis

Affecting a generation of people around mid-life (40-42), with Neptune in Scorpio, at this time, due to Neptune's slow orbit of 13-14 years per zodiac sign. Today is an exact hit for me at 2:15 p.m. today!

Self-scrutiny ***
Valid during many months: This transit is often a part of the "crisis of middle age," since it occurs when you are about forty-two. During this period you are likely to intensely question your life, your goals and how far you have fulfilled your ideals. Depending upon the results of that evaluation, you may begin to make certain changes. The problem is that this is not the best influence for making well-thought-out changes in your life. There is a great danger that you will go off half-cocked in pursuit of some dream that is unrealizable and not even worth realizing. It is very important to use this period for self-scrutiny, but it is not a good idea to act yet.

If you act too quickly, you will only create severe disturbances in your emotional and domestic life or in your work. You are likely to operate on the basis of partially formed ideas about yourself and your needs. Unfortunately, since you are in your forties, you have probably convinced yourself that you know who and what you are. And perhaps you have known, but the function of this influence is to make you reevaluate who you are, which at this moment you do not know. The best solution is to recognize this situation and simply allow yourself to see the truth, whatever it may be. Give yourself plenty of latitude and have whatever experiences seem necessary. Just don't make any permanent commitments during this time. You don't want to spend the rest of your life with the consequences of ill-considered actions taken under the influence of a passing delusion.

Many of the insights you receive during this period will be real, and many will not be real. Only the passage of time will allow you to determine which are which.

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