Saturday, January 21, 2012

Core Intentions of Luminaries, Earth & Planets

1) Rising Sun & North Star Intention: Intelligent Action - Intuition : One must not only detach from the false, but be affirmative and pro-active in the service of what is true. This self-affirmation finds reward in the action itself, more so than the external fruits of labor. Courage and initiative, sometimes self-assertion and aggression. (0,1) Leo Mars Rising, Aries MC; Aries/9th House North Node

2) Earth, Lunar & South Node Intention: Start from where you are... no matter what is going on, or where you are in your life and mind, it is the ideal place from which to rise above circumstance, take positive action and make a victorious comeback. Learn to love and accept what is, without resistance, all the time. (0,2) Scorpio Moon + Neptune, Libra IC; Libra/3rd House South Node

3) Solar & Planetary Intention: Intelligent Action is efficient, precise and practical, applied to earthly and concrete physical/mental matters. To develop greater skill and be of service (Virgo) in the practical sense (Virgo/2nd House) to others: Virgo Sun + Mercury/Venus/Jupiter/Uranus/Pluto

4a) Spiritual Solar Intention (future & spirit orientation): To be fully awake, alive and present, living and evolving to full potential, establishing an ever wider universal connection. Meditation in Action.. Sun-Jupiter, Aries North Node in 9th House, Leo Ascendant, Aquarius Descendant, Libra/Taurus (Venusian) Part of Fortune in 4th & 10th Houses

4b) Spiritual Lunar Intention (past & mind orientation): To silence the mind in regular daily meditation, be kind, open and compassionate toward others, listening with full attention, as much as possible. Scorpio Moon conjunct Neptune, sextile Uranus/Mercury/Venus in Virgo... In YOD config with Saturn in Aries. Libra South Node in 3rd House.

Joel D Zenie