Sunday, October 24, 2010

Planets in Solar Combustion

It has been the tradition of astrological interpretation to regard any planet inside eight degrees is combust (conjunct) the Sun and its power is weakened. As with much of tradition, I see this as one-sided referring only to an external struggle regarding the planet in question. For there is great strength inwardly from any planet empowered by the rays of the Sun, it just tends to be overly subject-ified, withdrawn from the material and outward or extrovert aspects of existence. The one exception to this rule is when in cazimi, inside of a single degree conjunct, in which case the energy is said to be exalted (so to speak).

Having my Sun combust Jupiter at 7 degrees [and Pluto inside of 15 degrees thus "under the solar rays"]... I can say from having an inward philosophical nature and interest in cosmic discovery which has characterized my life till now, I hardly consider it weakened... and yet there is an extroverted more socialized aspect of Jupiter that is foreign to my experience.

The trips I've taken, other than to Europe, Canada, New England, California, etc, have been predominantly within the vast reaches of my own mind. It is a challenge and necessity at this time to expand my social horizons and create opportunities via positive intention, utilizing active service to manifest most positively an interest of goodwill to mankind. Ultimately having full integrity, thus integration, as an individual human vessel of divine will and manifestation.

I've noticed it in others as well, a friend with Sun conjunct/combust Uranus... a wise intelligent free thinker, active in the Buddhist community in this way but not too much into all the fluffy new age stuff out there, and far more down to earth, grounded and less rebellious than what most Uranian types are perceived to be.

My father with Sun conjunct Pluto has enormous reservoir of psychic power and deep self awareness, yet outwardly too often denies the necessity for solitude and self-reflection. Interestingly also he has been quite the inspirational speaker on matters of "throwing stuff out that I don't need" yet has proven to have much difficulty doing so himself.

Perhaps it is only an element of denial that needs to be confronted... the energy is not weak in potential, and not usually (as with wider orbs) in personal expression, but only in outward manifestation. This primary Solar aspect, the conjunction, should be looked upon as having a great blessing inwardly (in spirit) and a very real challenge to meet outwardly (in matter).