Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Mundane Astrological Alphabet

Fill in the blank spaces under each house archetype (and its natural rulers) with your daily agenda and all specific aspects of your mundane life that are active and relevant. The first six houses of individual self-hood or responsibility have more specific and immediate entries like "do my budget" (2nd House) while 7-12 are larger longterm personal and spiritual themes, which for the most part are determined by the activities of Houses 1-6.

1st House - Aries - Mars & Sun/Mercury - Self, Physical Exercise, Spiritual Practice

2nd House - Taurus - Venus & Moon/Earth - Money, Possessions, Earning, Spending, Budgeting

3rd House - Gemini - Mercury & Mars/Venus - Communications, Phone Calls, Emails, Writing and Reading, all Correspondence

4th House - Cancer - Moon & Earth - Immediate activities around the home and all downtime, rest and relaxation, self-nurturing, sanctuary, reflecting and being

5th House - Leo - Sun & Moon - Self Expression & Recreation, Romance, Leisure, Creativeness and a sense of Purpose (following your bliss)

6th House - Virgo - Mercury & Saturn - Work Duties, Social Responsibilities, Programs & their Implementation, including Exercise & Health (1st House) and writing lists (3rd House), and making money (2nd House) and doing chores (4th House). Divide into two parts: Individual and Social Agendas, their design and implementation

7th House - Libra - Venus & Saturn - Socialization via the activities in Houses 1-6, the inevitable inter-connection with others of like mind and interest

8th House - Scorpio - Mars & Pluto - Self-Transformation, Regeneration/REjuvenation, Feng Shui, a path of letting go and moving on, releasing all that is no longer needed

9th House - Sagittarius - Jupiter & North Node - Cosmology, Inner & Outer Journeys, Seeing the big picture, Living according to the Vision or Dharma of individual truth. Includes both Individual and Social areas of learning and activity

10th House - Capricorn - Saturn & South Node - The Long Road to Success, with temptations (saturn, south node) along the way, reaching Self-Mastery and the Highest Achievements, Social Function and Reputation, Contributions

11th House - Aquarius - Saturn/Uranus & Jupiter - All friends and group activities which act as mentors, beneficiaries, higher beings, or simply friends with shared ideals and dreams. That aspect of the ideal or spiritual experienced in group interactivity.

12th House - Pisces - Neptune/Pluto & Jupiter - The Spiritual Life, the connection to God, Prayer, Contemplation, Meditation, and all inner spiritual work, that aspect of the ideal or spiritual experienced in solitude or confinement


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