Monday, July 27, 2009

Jupiter & North Node meets Saturn & South Node

North Node equals Jupiter plus Uranus, Neptune & Pluto (Solar)
South Node equals Saturn plus Mercury, Venus & Mars (Lunar)

Saturn (and South Node) represents the embodiment of collective humanity, insofar as that collective is physically incarnate... it is the collective yet individual karma one brings when confronting the Outer Planets (North Node) beyond it... it lays the ground or foundation for spiritual/trans-personal life by introducing personal karmas, shadows, and all that is to be healed (via Chiron) so that Divine Light at Jupiter may keep shining, ever brilliant and expansive...

Jupiter (and North Node) represents the individualized/personal experience/activity of the cosmic collective, insofar as this cosmic vibration manifests as individual character or a Higher Self awareness. In this instance South Node energies (personal planets) are raised to the higher octave vibrations of the outer planets. Mercury takes on qualities of Uranus, Venus becomes Neptune and Mars transforms into Pluto.

Saturn and the South Node keep one anchored and grounded, not overstepping one's bounds, for they represent the centripetal force of gravity and the necessity of confronting personal karma for the purpose of healing and letting go. At best, their constricted influence knows the limits of externally expanding and by confronting shadows or demons this returns the individual his/her true nature as it already is.

Jupiter and North Node expand the individual self to multidimensional levels of being and becoming... the forward moving flow and centrifugal force that takes the individual to higher conscious outermost planet experiences beyond the confines of Saturn, beyond the individual ego and its limited perspective. It teaches us, in working well with Saturn, that the individual is essentially one with the Infinite.

The outer planets (collective) need an material counterpart for the purpose of contrast and grounding and this planet is Saturn. The inner planets (individual) need a spiritual counterpart for the same purpose and this planet is Jupiter. By default, Jupiter is essentially one with the Sun and opposite the Moon, while Saturn is essentially one with Earth/Moon and opposite the Sun.


Sunday, July 19, 2009

Twelve Houses of Life - One thru Seven - The Present Moment

House 1 - All matters pertaining to my physical body, personal self, physical exercise and other personal practices. How am I caring for and keeping the vehicle in good condition.

House 2 - All matters pertaining to finance, earning, spending, budgeting, planning, and overall managing of resources; also any activities involving the management of personal possessions.

House 3 - The ways in which I reach out to others, via phone, internet/email, personal and business, leisurely and work related correspondences, general communications, reading and writing.

House 4 - All immediate domestic matters of house and home, personal time for chores and errands, all household tasks and matters at hand; also, rest and relaxation, downtime, reflection and inward contemplation, self nurturing, family obligations

House 5 - Life as a creative process, the joy of being and becoming (simultaneously), meaningful creations and recreation, children, romantic affairs, artistic pursuits, all that is joyful, that we choose to do with personal time

House 6 - What I am obligated to do, private and public duties/responsibilities, a system for completing all tasks at home and on the job, for living a functional self supporting existence by taking full responsibility for the implementation; also, physical and mental health programs to keep the 1st House of self functioning optimally, regular exercise, nutrition, good hygiene.

House 7 - Social engagements, activities (committed or otherwise) with others (or any intimate other); the ties that are formed from the experiences in Houses 1-6, like-minded friends and close partnerships, having a social agenda as an addition to the practical agendas of House 6.
Houses 8-12 I refer to as collective/universal themes that indicate an individual's growth and prosperity overtime, relationship to humanity and with a higher consciousness or God.

8th House is death and rebirth, of things seen and unseen (outer and inner & transformation
9th House is Self Expansion, Cosmology, Spiritual Philosophy, and all that gives meaning
10th House is Success, Aspiration, public standing, contribution & social function/reputation
11th House is Friends, groups, mentors, higher beings, all who share common hopes/dreams
12th House is the essence of the 11th turned inward, solitary experience, prayer & meditation

The idea is to focus specifically on the first seven houses (the moment) and outline as elaborately as possible all areas of life of central importance, including all items on your task list, appointments, engagements, routines, etc. Then having developed a workable system from these, one develops naturally in houses 8 through 12 which are indicative of broader life themes which can take many different unique individual forms (especially in the 9th House of Cosmology and its continuous discovery of new meaning).


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Mundane Astrological Alphabet

Fill in the blank spaces under each house archetype (and its natural rulers) with your daily agenda and all specific aspects of your mundane life that are active and relevant. The first six houses of individual self-hood or responsibility have more specific and immediate entries like "do my budget" (2nd House) while 7-12 are larger longterm personal and spiritual themes, which for the most part are determined by the activities of Houses 1-6.

1st House - Aries - Mars & Sun/Mercury - Self, Physical Exercise, Spiritual Practice

2nd House - Taurus - Venus & Moon/Earth - Money, Possessions, Earning, Spending, Budgeting

3rd House - Gemini - Mercury & Mars/Venus - Communications, Phone Calls, Emails, Writing and Reading, all Correspondence

4th House - Cancer - Moon & Earth - Immediate activities around the home and all downtime, rest and relaxation, self-nurturing, sanctuary, reflecting and being

5th House - Leo - Sun & Moon - Self Expression & Recreation, Romance, Leisure, Creativeness and a sense of Purpose (following your bliss)

6th House - Virgo - Mercury & Saturn - Work Duties, Social Responsibilities, Programs & their Implementation, including Exercise & Health (1st House) and writing lists (3rd House), and making money (2nd House) and doing chores (4th House). Divide into two parts: Individual and Social Agendas, their design and implementation

7th House - Libra - Venus & Saturn - Socialization via the activities in Houses 1-6, the inevitable inter-connection with others of like mind and interest

8th House - Scorpio - Mars & Pluto - Self-Transformation, Regeneration/REjuvenation, Feng Shui, a path of letting go and moving on, releasing all that is no longer needed

9th House - Sagittarius - Jupiter & North Node - Cosmology, Inner & Outer Journeys, Seeing the big picture, Living according to the Vision or Dharma of individual truth. Includes both Individual and Social areas of learning and activity

10th House - Capricorn - Saturn & South Node - The Long Road to Success, with temptations (saturn, south node) along the way, reaching Self-Mastery and the Highest Achievements, Social Function and Reputation, Contributions

11th House - Aquarius - Saturn/Uranus & Jupiter - All friends and group activities which act as mentors, beneficiaries, higher beings, or simply friends with shared ideals and dreams. That aspect of the ideal or spiritual experienced in group interactivity.

12th House - Pisces - Neptune/Pluto & Jupiter - The Spiritual Life, the connection to God, Prayer, Contemplation, Meditation, and all inner spiritual work, that aspect of the ideal or spiritual experienced in solitude or confinement


Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sun-Moon-Ascendant - "I, Me & Thou"

This is the thought I am planting into new soil for further growth and unfoldment overtime, perhaps in this very same posted area of the blog...

SUN & MOON represent the inner self, or "How I see myself"
SUN & ASCENDANT (or Rising Sun) represents the outer self expression or "How others see me"

The "I" is inner, the "Me" is outer.... this is the basis of understanding where the individual self, its three-part personality (prior to angles, nodes and planets...) is divided into two by way of inner-outer, our dualistic perspective, and the ultimate unity which is the Sun itself, detached from outer planetary activity/awareness, and connected with all other Suns in the Universe...

The Sun is Spirit individualized, astrologically stated, the circle of infinite and dot of individuality, the eternal being of the dot ultimately connected to (and dependent upon...) that of the circle. Where the dot begins all individual creative expression and experience, it is here that the Moon (the inner) and the Ascendant (the outer) have dualistic meaning, from which all other factors spring and develop...

The MOON & ASCENDANT indicate the personal sense of self, our inner and outer persona(s), which is a product of environment as well as heredity, they essentially indicate "How I see others"... If the Moon indicates the 2nd person, how I see myself through you, then the Ascendant is not only me in the 3rd person, it is everyone in the 3rd person or it is the world at large (as I personally see it, my outlook...). Qualities of my self that I share with the outside world, my mask of personality, is how I feel connected to the outside world, in body (at the Ascendant) and in soul/psyche (at the Moon).

The SUN (not its sign, just the Sun alone...) is that aspect of our core personality which embodies the Individuality or Character, the Higher Power of the Self, the vitality and consciousness that is the self connected spiritually and cosmically while essentially detached from (and creating...) all forms of this sentient world on Earth.

[Incidentally, the Earth itself is the very substance of the Sun and the stuff the Moon and Ascendant are made of. According to Esoteric Astrological tradition, it is said to be 180 degrees from the Sun and thus in the exact opposite position/sign degree as the Sun sign... thus attributing importance also to the polarity of dark, shadow and form as well as to luminosity, energy and conscious reality]