Saturday, January 17, 2009

High & Low Octave Planets - Their Cosmic/Individual Function(s)

I recently discovered a new perspective ("The Asteroid Godesses" by Demetra George, ironically...) on astrological octatves beyond the traditionally well known outer to inner planet trinities of Mars & Pluto (1st Ray, Power/Will), Venus & Neptune (2nd Ray, Love/Wisdom), Mercury & Uranus (3rd Ray, Active Intelligence).

This extends to include Jupiter and Saturn, which this astrological student/writer has equated/related with the Sun and Moon respectively. The other higher octave of Mars is Jupiter, while Saturn is considered the lower octave of the combined/inseparable influence of all three outermost planets combined.

So the cosmic layout is as follows: Lower Octave Planets include Mars, Venus, Mercury & Saturn; Higher Octave Planets include Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune & Pluto. Where Jupiter is a Centrifugal Force expanding outward to the highest universal octave(s), Saturn is the Centripetal Force keeping one centered/grounded in the baser individual octave(s) of daily survival, ego drives/concerns and the gross/mundane reality.

The Asteroid Belt is the presence of the Feminine (Venus & The Moon) Earth Godesses, symbolic of the gateway (and testing ground) between Mars to Jupiter, from the individual to the collective reality/identity of the Masculine Solar principle. Chiron embodies similar testing and trials to cross the "Rainbow Bridge" from Saturn to Uranus, from Earth to Sky, the Mundane to the Cosmic.

To understand the Planets in this way is to make the connection, and the distinction, between what is personal subjective reality and that which is cosmic or beyond the everyday... an understanding of the Planets in this way goes a long way in the comprehension of oneself, the environment and our cosmic universe...