Monday, July 27, 2009

Jupiter & North Node meets Saturn & South Node

North Node equals Jupiter plus Uranus, Neptune & Pluto (Solar)
South Node equals Saturn plus Mercury, Venus & Mars (Lunar)

Saturn (and South Node) represents the embodiment of collective humanity, insofar as that collective is physically incarnate... it is the collective yet individual karma one brings when confronting the Outer Planets (North Node) beyond it... it lays the ground or foundation for spiritual/trans-personal life by introducing personal karmas, shadows, and all that is to be healed (via Chiron) so that Divine Light at Jupiter may keep shining, ever brilliant and expansive...

Jupiter (and North Node) represents the individualized/personal experience/activity of the cosmic collective, insofar as this cosmic vibration manifests as individual character or a Higher Self awareness. In this instance South Node energies (personal planets) are raised to the higher octave vibrations of the outer planets. Mercury takes on qualities of Uranus, Venus becomes Neptune and Mars transforms into Pluto.

Saturn and the South Node keep one anchored and grounded, not overstepping one's bounds, for they represent the centripetal force of gravity and the necessity of confronting personal karma for the purpose of healing and letting go. At best, their constricted influence knows the limits of externally expanding and by confronting shadows or demons this returns the individual his/her true nature as it already is.

Jupiter and North Node expand the individual self to multidimensional levels of being and becoming... the forward moving flow and centrifugal force that takes the individual to higher conscious outermost planet experiences beyond the confines of Saturn, beyond the individual ego and its limited perspective. It teaches us, in working well with Saturn, that the individual is essentially one with the Infinite.

The outer planets (collective) need an material counterpart for the purpose of contrast and grounding and this planet is Saturn. The inner planets (individual) need a spiritual counterpart for the same purpose and this planet is Jupiter. By default, Jupiter is essentially one with the Sun and opposite the Moon, while Saturn is essentially one with Earth/Moon and opposite the Sun.


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