Friday, March 12, 2010

March 15th -- New Moon Pisces conjunct Mercury & Uranus

Link to Chart Directly Above. This New Moon is within a degree of opposition to my own Mercury and Venus, both at 26 Virgo... and Mercury and Uranus at 26 Pisces will be exactly in opposition to these... What could it mean? A mental creative breakthrough of sorts?

Virgo is on the Ascendant upon the New Moon, with the Sun-Moon-Mercury-Uranus all in the 8th House of death-rebirth-transformation. These four in conjunction will be transiting my 9th House and opposing the Virgo Stellium in my natal 3rd... I will leave all interpretation to immediate intuition, though I feel now that this plus Mars Direct crossing (again) over my Leo Ascendant will lend a burst of energy in the direction of what I mentally and aesthetically (Mercury & Venus) hope to achieve.

Cosmic Intuition is at an all time high with Mercury conjunct Uranus in Pisces, powered by the Luminaries, a Uranian-Neptunian Eight House breakthrough in consciousness, needed to assist the collective human healing process with Neptune and Chiron presently conjunct in Aquarius... an embodiment and symbolic archetype of the wounded soul (Chiron-Neptune) of humanity (Aquarius).


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Saturn opposite Chiron: Between a rock and a hard place

Valid during many months: During this difficult and tense time your values and ideals will be severely tested. No matter what your situation, under this influence you will be confronted with a difficult dichotomy. On the one hand you will feel drawn to the new, unknown or even outrageous if it appears to offer more freedom. Old desires may reawaken with a new intensity, and you may now feel able to fulfill them. On the other hand, you may feel that existing obligations and ties, together with old fears and insecurities, are preventing you from breaking free from the grind of everyday life. Your sense of right and wrong could also prevent you from throwing off some of your shackles.

Under this influence a variety of difficulties and conflicts in the outer world reflect your state of inner strife. You will have to deal with serious disputes and might experience some kind of separation - particularly with figures of authority or those who have had an important influence on your life. You may come to see that you have been living according to others' expectations, so that things that gave your life security and structure might suddenly seem oppressive and burdensome. Apart from the likely disputes within your relationship you will have problems in practically all those areas which call for order, discipline, responsibility and perseverance. You will rebel and go against the grain, being far less willing than usual to conform or buckle under. This is especially likely as long as you remain unable to decide on a concrete course of action.

The interpretation above is for your transit selected for today:
Saturn Opposition Chiron, , exact at 15:21
activity period from beginning of November 2009 until end of August 2010

Friday, March 5, 2010

The Zodiac Backwards - An Alternate Perspective on the Twelve Signs

The Zodiac forwards, as we know and understand it, is an unfolding of the individual from the personal to the inter-personal and finally to transpersonal. As I have seen somewhere (previously) in Alice Bailey's classic, Esoteric Astrology, there is a reverse direction that is true from the perspective of the cosmos, going from transpersonal to interpersonal to personal, from the universal to the individual as contrasted with the way we experience the zodiac personally, in body mind & soul.

Here is how it universally unfolds, Aries and Libra are the two Cardinal Points (Equinoxes) that are constant and to the right is the ordinary zodiac unfolding:

1-Aries - I AM (RISING SUN)

2-Pisces - Taurus - I HAVE (EARTH-OCEAN)

3-Aquarius - Gemini - I THINK (EARTH-SKY)

4-Capricorn - Cancer - I FEEL (ENVIRONMENT-PEOPLE)

5-Sagittarius - Leo - I WILL (and I AM - as w/ #1)

6-Scorpio - Virgo - I ANALYZE (and I PRACTICE)

7-Libra - I BALANCE (and I RELATE)

8-Virgo - Scorpio - I DESIRE (and I TRANSFORM)

9-Leo - Sagittarius - I SEE (and I EXPAND)

10-Cancer - Capricorn - I USE (and I MANIFEST)

11-Gemini - Aquarius - I KNOW (and I LEARN)

12-Taurus - Pisces - I BELIEVE (and I ACCEPT)

The Seven Natural Pairs are as follows

1- Aries & Libra - Immediate Activity (Ascendant & Descendant)

2- Taurus & Pisces - Passive Receptivity

3- Gemini & Aquarius - Active Mentality

4- Cancer & Capricorn - Concrete Reality (Nadir/IC & Mid-Heaven/MC)

5- Leo & Sagittarius - Joy & Creativity

6- Virgo & Scorpio - Work & Functionality

7- Libra & Pisces* - Love & Unity (Descendant & Mid-Heaven/Zenith)

**Number Seven introduces the 7-12 realm of of the ordinary zodiac, which is Libra thru Pisces, Venus and Neptune its higher octave. Neptune is said to be ruler of the number 7 and its higher dimensions of all inclusiveness.