Friday, November 20, 2009

Natal Chart Analysis (Numerological Revision)

An ongoing assignment, to be added to and revised overtime as necessary...

Paying attention also to the specific numerological placements and order (1-17):

1-Sun in Virgo/2nd House conjunct Jupiter in Virgo/2nd

2-Moon in Scorpio/5th House conjunct Neptune in Scorpio/4th
Sextile Uranus-Venus-Mercury Stellium in Virgo/3rd

3a-Ascendant in Leo w/ Mars Rising (in Leo/1st House), Nadir in Libra, Descendant Aquarius, Vertex Sagittarius.
Chart Ruler: the Sun in Virgo/2nd House conjunct Jupiter (& Rolling Virgo Stellium)

3b-Part of Fortune in Libra/4th House conjunct Nadir (4th House Cusp) opposite Saturn in Aries/10th.

4a-Mid-Heaven in Aries with Saturn (Aries/10th) conjunct and Mars (Leo/1st) Trine,
Mars Ruler of MC is in Leo/1st (which disposits again The Virgo/2nd house Sun.

4b-Part of Spirit in Taurus/10th conjunct Vesta (in same) trine Sun conjunct Jupiter in Virgo/2nd.

5-Mars in Leo/1st House (Rising & in Dignity) trine MC and Vertex

6-Mercury in Virgo/3rd House conjunct Venus/Uranus & Pluto (all in same) sextile Moon conjunct Neptune in Scorpio in 5th.

7-Venus in Virgo/3rd House conjunct Mercury/Uranus & Pluto... same as Mercury (above) in all aspects.

8a-Ceres in Scorpio/4th conjunct Juno sextile Sun
8b-Juno in Scorpio/4th conjunct Ceres sextile Sun
8c-Pallas in Libra/3rd conjunct Nadir
8d-Vesta in Taurus/10th conjunct Part of Spirit, trine Sun

9-Jupiter in Virgo/2nd/3rd Houses conjunct Sun in Virgo/2nd & Pluto in Virgo/3rd & trine Vesta

10-Saturn in Aries/10th House conjunct Midheaven in Aries, in Quincunx & YOD with Mercury, Venus, Uranus and Pluto in Virgo/3rd AND Moon-Neptune in Scorpio/5th

11-Uranus in Virgo/3rd House conjunct Mercury/Venus and Pluto, sextile Moon/Neptune in Scorpio (EXACT SEXTILE w/ MOON in Scorpio)

12-Neptune in Scorpio/4th/5th Houses conjunct Moon, sextile Mercury, Venus, Uranus and Pluto, semi-sextile Part of Fortune in Libra

13a-Pluto in Virgo/3rd House conjunct Mercury-Venus-Uranus and Jupiter, sextile Neptune-Moon in Scorpio

13b-Chiron in Aries/9th House conjunct North Node in Aries/9th (opposite South Node in Libra), opposition (wide) with Mercury-Venus-Uranus in Virgo/3rd

14a-North Node in ARIES/9th House - Conjunct MC & Chiron (at their midpoint)
14b-South Node in LIBRA/3rd House - Conjunct IC & Pallas Athena

15-Elemental Distributions, Planetary Signatures and Rulers, Major Dispositors and Midpoints; a composite summarization of key chart emphases, based on all chart data

16-The Key Configurations - YOD, Grand Trine, Stelliums, T-Squares, etc as MAJOR LIFE THEMES that dictate the core lessons and themes of living.

17-The Natal Chart synthesized and understood in its Entirety


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