Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Higher-Lower and Equal Planetary Octaves: Personal transcendence & the trans-personal

Where the Sun and Moon, Jupiter and Saturn, are concerned there are no HIGHER octaves, just equal octaves, because the Sun truly is one with Jupiter and the Moon (via Earth) is one with Saturn... though the latter pair clearly indicate a duality, the Moon is private and personal, Saturn more public and impersonal (or less personal than the Moon).

Where the Sun represents Creator (the Circle), and individuals are as Co-Creators (the Dot at Center), Jupiter is the Creation... where the Sun represents pure being and vitality Jupiter is the outwardly expressed form, feeling and imagery that completes it. Where the Moon represents the need for emotional security Saturn is the harsh reality of this inherent insecurity and the way to having more stability (functionality) in one's personal existence.

The rest is as follows:

Mars and Pluto - the Individual and Universal Will, respectively. Keeping the fundamentally important Martial qualities (as with all "lower octaves") intact there is a necessity where Pluto is concerned to transcend all purely personal and selfish motivations/desires and uplift one's central intention for positive action.

Venus and Neptune - Personal and Universal Love, respectively... both are Divine though the vast ocean of Neptune is macrocosm to the personal love of Venus experienced by a lovely local seashore. Neptune is the transcendence of all emotional-personal-material attachments, it is love without any expectation of love in return, and compassion for all beings at the soul level.

Mercury and Uranus - Individual/Personal and Universal/Cosmic Intelligence... Mercury as an individual expression/vibration of Uranus operates at the level of beginner's mind with a flame of inquiry, the desire to know... then the "unlearning process" of Uranus makes us universally aware of the limits of knowledge (as nothing more than signposts pointing to the Truth or reality...) and awakens us to INTUITION, the intelligence that is a bridge to the unknown, beyond what the thinking mind could ever comprehend. The transcendence of identification with all personal-intellectual-emotional thought processes.


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