Monday, November 30, 2009

Astro Integration

*Self Unfolding - From the Solar or Innermost Self Perspective, The Sun is first and the Ascendant comes in third, after the Moon. Eternally and esoterically this is correct. The Astro key is below, the corresponding numbers for each illustrated major life theme emphasized.

1-My Essential Purpose - To be a good and smart worker, taking full responsibility, High-Minded, Expansive and Integrative, Healthy and Whole, Uplifting the Personality via High Morale and Spiritual Strength of Character (of Will) at core. To be clear and present, undistorted in perception and thinking.

2-My Essential Nature - Passion and Imagination, Appetite and Desire, Sensitive and Intense, Secretive about feelings, Warm yet Detached, Insightful and Imaginative, Revolutionary, Interest in Arts and Mysticism, the Occult and Astrology.

3-My Outer Purpose/Nature - Strong Personality, Positive and Hopeful, Assertive and Energetic, Ambitious (to an extent) and Aspirational w/ regard to Future. Choosing the road of Higher Consciousness, of courage and faith in Self, optimistic and fun loving in my outlook and pro-active or pioneering in my approach.

4-My Outer Environment/Structure - A need for organization, keeping on top of responsibilities at home and work, keeping lists, staying mindful, alert and busy. Will work separately on a post relating the Astrological Houses (and their corresponding natural signs) to the tasks and activities of daily living.

5a-My Work and Self-Assertion: Doing - Getting/Earning/Making Money
5b-My Love and Appreciation: Having - Having/Spending/Saving Money

6b-My Knowledge, Perception, Cognition: Learning - Practical & Imaginative Intellectual involvement and interest(s).

6c-My Relationships, Connections, Friends: Seeing - Other People w/ like-minded interests, Cooperation and Group Interaction

7-My Most Intimate Relationships - Family, Close Partners, Friends and Lovers

8-My Key to Self-Healing, Understanding & Freedom - Quest for Wholeness and Self-Integration, Existential Angst and Evolution, Innermost Wounds & Healing

9-My Expansion, Abundance and Good Fortune - The Full expanse of Creation (The Sun)

10-My Responsibility, Duty and Discipline - The Ground and Ground Rules (The Earth)

11-My connection to Higher Self, Liberation - Cosmic Intelligence and Intuition (The Sky)

12-Universal and Divine Love, Transcendence - Cosmic Love and Imagination (The Heavens)

13-Universal Power and Desire, Resurrection - Cosmic Power and Evolution (The Wheel of Birth & Death and REbirth)

14a-Dharma, Individual Path Forward, Future - "The General of mine Army" - Dominance
14b-Karma, Personal Regression, The Past - "The lazy disorganized crew" - Defaults

(to be continued...)
SPIRIT-SOUL-MATTER: Ego & Energy, Mind & Body

1-The Sun - Spirit, Will, Energy & Intuition - "The Light"
2-The Moon - Soul, Psyche, Feeling & Imagination - "The Night"

3-Ascendant/Nadir/Descendant: Body, Personality, Action & Expression, Appearance
4-Mid-heaven/Descendant/Nadir: The Cross of Matter, Environment, Public, Function

*plus Vertex, Aries Point and Equatorial Ascendant, Key Angles/Cusps

[1b/2b - North and South Lunar Nodes: Karma, Dharma & Evolution]
[3b/4b - Part(s) of Fortune & Spirit: (Parts of The Moon & Sun respectively): Points of Integration and Coordination (of Sun-Moon-Ascendant) that lead to Good Fortune and Spiritual Upliftment.]

5a-Mars - Work - Action - Movement - Self & Physical Body
5b-Venus - Love - Enjoyment - People & Personal Possessions
6a-Mercury - Knowledge - Information & Personal Communications
6b-Venus - Relationship - Friends & Personal Connections

7a-Ceres - Nurturing (Self & Other)
7b-Juno - Intimate Others
7c-Pallas - Communications
7d-Vesta - Personal Growth
8-Chiron - Healing and Spiritual Path


9-Jupiter - Spirit and Blue Sky or Mind - Expansion - FIRE
10-Saturn - Matter and Earth or Body - Limitation - EARTH
11-Uranus - Omniscience - Wisdom - AIR - Ether
12-Neptune - Omnipresence - Love - WATER - Essence
13-Pluto - Omnipotence - Power - WATER & FIRE - Energy


14a-North Lunar Node - Destiny, Evolution, Straightforwardness
14b-South Lunar Node - Origins, Regression, Complacency

**The other Earth-Centered perspective begins at Birth (and the birth of each moment) with the Ascendant and Moon, yang and yin, outer and inner personality (sense of self) respectively, in response to early environment. Then the Sun actively develops and reveals itself overtime via the Planets, beginning with fastest moving Mercury then Venus (innermost planets that are of it's own thinking/feeling process, often in same sign), then Mars and the Outer Planets (Jupiter out to Pluto) where by the evolutionary experience unfolds for the individual via collective connection, to the world (Mars/Jupiter/Saturn) & the universe (Uranus/Neptune/Pluto) at large...


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