Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Todays Transiting Alignment - Earth, Air & Water

*Numbers in parenthesis indicate degree of sign position

Jupiter (22)Chiron (25) & Neptune (26) - Aquarius & Air (fixed)

Moon (20+) Uranus (24) Mars & Venus (29) - Pisces & Water (mutable)

Sun (2 Taurus) Saturn (15 Virgo) Pluto (3 Capricorn) - Earth Trinity
Mercury (21 Taurus)
(Not a grand earth trine, but each sign of the Earth Trinity is active)

Also: Sun in 2 Taurus trines Pluto in 3 Capricorn, indicating strength of purpose in matters of grounded practical (earthly) concern. Mercury at 21 Taurus Trines Saturn in 15 Virgo to add skill and know how, an efficiently functioning plan... with skill and combined, all matters of earthly concern are no longer seen as a burden.

Aquarius and Pisces Stelliums indicate change is in the air, and a higher consciousness, a guiding light in the collective Pluto in Capricorn darkness. How they effect each individual depends on his/her natal or progressed chart(s).

To more clearly give an example that I know most about(my own current tranits), I have given immense attention to this for the purpose of attaining a sharp clarity and wise intuitive guidance (Aquarius)with regard to real issues in my life... Mostly it's (Jupiter/Chiron/Neptune) in my 8th House (change & death), and continued (w/Uranus/Mars/Venus) in the Ninth, by offering a new possibility and hope for a fresh start elsewhere, perhaps closer to my true home.

My overall theme, consistent w/ the Nature of Aquarius/Air and Pisces/Water (and the 8th & 9th Hses) is a leap of faith, moving boldly forward into new and unknown territory, keeping that calm inner strength and peace amidst all of it happening.

More to come later & I will gladly address anyone's questions about their own transiting natal influences at this time...


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