Friday, April 10, 2009

Beyond Venus (from Libra into Scorpio)

Every now and again, due to strongly Libran inclinations, I am tempted to look for that same frivolous momentary joy that others indulge in at parties and large social gatherings. It is so familiar and common, and yet I am outside of it (much of the time) looking in, unable or unwilling to merge... to do so is just a phoney awkward attempt to fit in. The same holds true online as I make more friends who share my common values and language, spiritual and otherwise... when the convos end is there really any relationship, any real communion or something akin to love and appreciation, or are we all really just playing "make believe". All is based on a concensus, a common group interest (Libra), and from this point we relate. It is just not the same thing as the bond one has with family and the closest of friends.

Shifting from this pleasant and pretty view of the world of the Libran approach, which is valid so long as it is a way of staying happy in the present, I see the Scorpio.... beyond the fair weather friends and acquaintances, beyond the pleasant courteous conduct at work, and beyond all the spiritual interests I share with others... no matter how "you and I" have in common, have read the same books, etc. With Scorpio, ruled by Mars & Pluto (inseparable octaves, individual & universal respectively), the show is over, the gig is up and the curtains go down. Here one sees the aloneness of being and the greatest desire for solitude. Scorpio, sign of the (human) jungle reminds me that nobody else is paying my rent or looking out for me, this reality is seen in most heightened form in war, where the soldier becomes ever so acutely aware of how alone in the jungle he/she really is (even as others are experiencing the same).... save your own ass or die.

It is said that character or integrity is taking full responsibility for one's own life, and this involves a very real and close up examination of one's own wishes and fears, of what I want and do not want, committing to focus on the positive while simultaneously "negating the negative". In the lightness of being, in the fleeting moment, we are to appreciate one another's company and benefit from the energy vibes of others (and vice versa), however there inevitably comes a point when we can no longer suspend disbelief, the masks are removed and the roles dissolved... now what? We can only ask ourselves what is next, once the party is over, the previous illusion dissolved into memory... a whole new birth of experience, allowing all manifestations and people to flow in and out alternatively, easily and effortlessly, fully present and unattached, embracing the eternal yet forever changing beauty of now...


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