Saturday, February 28, 2009

Ad Adendum: On Gratitude

In a more positive note of appreciation, which is necessary in the act of total acceptance (or surrender), I should say that my co-workers are mostly very pleasant to work with, I do see a number of people during the day whose presence alone is worth appreciating and giving full attention to. In the end it is inevitable that the mind weighs all the pros and cons of any (job) situation and with most jobs (like mine) the negative far outweighs the positive... thus it is easier to emphasize the negative more, though perhaps this is ultimately the reason why things are as they are in the first place.

While the writer makes no pretense about being unselfish, and is feeling unusually ambitious and self-centered at present, it is not without appreciation for those in my life with whom I have friendly and positive (and sometimes negative) rapport. In this case I am thankful and grateful, beyond words, to all addressed herein...

There is only one thing in this world truly as important to me as my own success and happiness (from a less selfish perspective....), and that is the people in my life who really matter... to me personally.

Sincerely w/ Gratitude,


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