Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Planetary Instincts - Intuitive Astrology

I recently picked up an old (signed) book from Elizabeth Rose Campbell, whose book signing at Joshua's Restaurant in Woodstock back in September 2003 I attended. A couple of years ago I heard among a Buddhist circle of friends that she had died suddenly. The book entitled "Intuitive Astrology" is a brilliant reader-friendly, no-nonsense, practical guide to self-empowerment... written in/for this millennium.

Interestingly I recall during her talk questioning her point (that I get now...) about the Sun and how it urges one to look at *this life* as the only life we've got. I pointed out that the Sun is also symbolic of one's spirit and immortality and the confidence that the individual (at core) survives death. Her response was "as a Pisces, I am inclined to agree with you. As it turns out, The Sun is both of these things... the sense that the present is all that one has, and that this presence is eternal, independent of all belief or speculation on past lives.

I wish to share one part of this brilliant piece of Astrological literature and encourage all to pick up a copy at a local new age bookstore. This being on the Luminaries, Planets & Nodes:

SUN - The instinct to shine at the center of your own story
MOON - The instinct to have a home (and security)
MERCURY - The instinct to communicate (and learn)
VENUS - The instinct to love (and relate)
MARS - The instinct to act (survive and thrive)
JUPITER - The instinct to philosophize (to sum it all up)
SATURN - The instinct to commit
CHIRON - The instinct to heal
URANUS - The instinct to express Truth
NEPTUNE - The instinct to express Soul
PLUTO - The instinct to express Power
NODES - The instinct to look at one's past (South) and future (North)

There is a great section on the Zodiac Signs as well and the human reality these represent!!

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