Friday, March 6, 2009

Ending the Me

**NOTE: The combined role/function of the Outermost Planets, Pluto and Neptune, results in the ultimate dissolution of ego and personality, vanity and a deluded sense of self...

If I could drop the me entirely then the above title would not be 'ending' it would just be the end. Since I am only a regular human being, and not enlightened, the ending process is gradual... though at times one experiences a sudden awakening, what Zen Buddhists call a "mini-satori". Breakthroughs and moments of spiritual awakening exist to encourage us further along the path, even as we inevitably return to the mundane drudgery of an ordinary confusing existence (samsara).

It seems to this aspirant/writer that the sense of self is the greatest hindrance to all that one truly values and seeks in life... predominantly "The Kingdom of Heaven". In certain instances, in Buddhism, the ego is likened to the devil himself... the ultimate source of confusion, dysfunction and deception.
Yet everything we understand and strive for is to strengthen the me, the feeling of self-enclosure and overall alienation. Personal ambition it seems is all about one's ability to gain power for oneself, and to block out the rest of the world lest one chooses to engage others for manipulative or pragmatic purposes. Whether one succeeds in the endeavor of building up the ego or fails, the end result is more or less the same... superiority or inferiority, in the end there is no difference really as both are deluded.

Why do so many people see therapists in this country? Admittedly there was a time when this was very helpful... but now? From the therapist's point of view, emphasizing the 'you', it can be a positive way to bestow insight upon the patient/client, however for that patient to leave the therapist's office with thoughts of "ME ME ME... this what I MUST DO" it seems is only self-destructive. For every effort, however noble, I make strengthen the me, an equal and often greater force of negative works in the same way. Try all you want to get better, you will create more internal (and maybe external) enemies just by the very act of trying to strengthen or empower the self. As the Buddha himself says "no self, no problem"...

As much as I like certain new age philosophies that encourage us as individuals, I think it is easily misunderstood. People use the Law of Attraction to build their wealth and satisfy their personal desires, all of which are impermanent and leading inevitably to the need for MORE. To be understood correctly, one must on the one hand accept the self-absorbed nature of being human, and in this comprehension let it go completely. How do you go with the stream of well being? How do you keep in alignment with Source Energy? By letting go of the biggest upstream entity of all... the little personality self that is always demanding things like happiness, satisfaction, attention/approval from others.

"The germ of defeat is in every selfish thought"... Charles Haanal (Master Key System)


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