Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Purpose - Flow - Reality : Sun - Moon - Ascendant

Astrologically I refer to the spiritual purpose and manifest reality as the Sun - Ascendant (or Earth) respectively, from an individual-personal perspective... the dash connecting polarities of Sun and Earth is Lunar.

Where purpose is made manifest into a reality this dash or catalyst is a necessary vessel which must remain pure for the will of God to be made manifest. I call this Lunar subjective phenomenon that is instinctive, imaginative and intuitive, the art of flow. Flowing with the downstream movement of the inner and outer life, which truly are one and inseparable. Openness and receptivity to the stream of living as it is happening, here and now, immediate and eternal.

The Moon reflects various human needs, emotions, yearnings and desires which manifest as the experiences and values that make up our overall existence, experience and karmic condition as human beings on this Earth. The way of it is simply "letting go... to just go with the flow", allow the self to be empty and innocent, open to learning whatever the here-now experience is here to show us.

Manifest Reality is the *what-where-how-when* aspect of the individual-personal life path, mission and purpose that originates from Spirit, the Higher Source, Creator of all Creation, individual and universal. It is the form that gives visible, tangible and projected meaning to what it embodies in essence.

Spiritual Purpose transcends the particular mission and experience it has in the manifest world of form, the Earth. It is both Consciousness and Energy, Spirit and Nature... pervading all earthly life, it exists within and without all that we experience as this reality and the world around us.

The key as lunar/human beings is to be aligned within the flow of spirit and then follow through effectively or efficiently in the world of matter... this could be likened to the equalizer, volume and tone controls of a stereo being at just the right balance, taking into account the interests of the individual (spirit) and the sound of the music (matter), thus regulating or harmonizing the inner-outer flow and establishing right interconnection.

All that is required is awareness and attention, in the inner world of mind and the outer world of manifestation. Clear seeing is true being.


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