Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Cosmic Trip

Astrologically Uranus (God of The Sky) "turns us on", Neptune (God of The Oceans and Heavens) "tunes us in" and Pluto (God of the Underworld and Death) assists every dark soul in dropping out, in the breakdown of old outworn ideals and toxic perspectives. The three outermost planets (Gods) together embody and effect a trans-personal psychic transformation and inner-outer revolution, the inevitability of change, impermanence and ending of all material-social-mental fixation.

Most specifically, dropping out of the Saturnine Reality view, of both psychologically and socially imposed limitations, the prison of social obligation, the fear and conformity.Saturn (Father Time) is the great tester, the taskmaster, and the root of ego, interdependent with the outer environment... the test happens via Chiron, the rainbow bridge to the outer planets, by first dropping out of egoic mental patterns and fixed views of reality, then effortlessly turning on and tuning in to all of the universal vibration embodied in Uranus and Neptune, the Cosmic Yang and Yin respectively.


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Monkeybooks said...

What do you think about the Uranus/Saturn opposition from the end of April? I like your use of Timothy Leary's catch phrase. I wonder sometimes, though, if maybe Neptune has a bit of "drop out" going, as well!
Just tried my hand at a monthly horoscope by sign. It was a good exercise for the astro-brain.