Friday, March 5, 2010

The Zodiac Backwards - An Alternate Perspective on the Twelve Signs

The Zodiac forwards, as we know and understand it, is an unfolding of the individual from the personal to the inter-personal and finally to transpersonal. As I have seen somewhere (previously) in Alice Bailey's classic, Esoteric Astrology, there is a reverse direction that is true from the perspective of the cosmos, going from transpersonal to interpersonal to personal, from the universal to the individual as contrasted with the way we experience the zodiac personally, in body mind & soul.

Here is how it universally unfolds, Aries and Libra are the two Cardinal Points (Equinoxes) that are constant and to the right is the ordinary zodiac unfolding:

1-Aries - I AM (RISING SUN)

2-Pisces - Taurus - I HAVE (EARTH-OCEAN)

3-Aquarius - Gemini - I THINK (EARTH-SKY)

4-Capricorn - Cancer - I FEEL (ENVIRONMENT-PEOPLE)

5-Sagittarius - Leo - I WILL (and I AM - as w/ #1)

6-Scorpio - Virgo - I ANALYZE (and I PRACTICE)

7-Libra - I BALANCE (and I RELATE)

8-Virgo - Scorpio - I DESIRE (and I TRANSFORM)

9-Leo - Sagittarius - I SEE (and I EXPAND)

10-Cancer - Capricorn - I USE (and I MANIFEST)

11-Gemini - Aquarius - I KNOW (and I LEARN)

12-Taurus - Pisces - I BELIEVE (and I ACCEPT)

The Seven Natural Pairs are as follows

1- Aries & Libra - Immediate Activity (Ascendant & Descendant)

2- Taurus & Pisces - Passive Receptivity

3- Gemini & Aquarius - Active Mentality

4- Cancer & Capricorn - Concrete Reality (Nadir/IC & Mid-Heaven/MC)

5- Leo & Sagittarius - Joy & Creativity

6- Virgo & Scorpio - Work & Functionality

7- Libra & Pisces* - Love & Unity (Descendant & Mid-Heaven/Zenith)

**Number Seven introduces the 7-12 realm of of the ordinary zodiac, which is Libra thru Pisces, Venus and Neptune its higher octave. Neptune is said to be ruler of the number 7 and its higher dimensions of all inclusiveness.


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