Friday, March 12, 2010

March 15th -- New Moon Pisces conjunct Mercury & Uranus

Link to Chart Directly Above. This New Moon is within a degree of opposition to my own Mercury and Venus, both at 26 Virgo... and Mercury and Uranus at 26 Pisces will be exactly in opposition to these... What could it mean? A mental creative breakthrough of sorts?

Virgo is on the Ascendant upon the New Moon, with the Sun-Moon-Mercury-Uranus all in the 8th House of death-rebirth-transformation. These four in conjunction will be transiting my 9th House and opposing the Virgo Stellium in my natal 3rd... I will leave all interpretation to immediate intuition, though I feel now that this plus Mars Direct crossing (again) over my Leo Ascendant will lend a burst of energy in the direction of what I mentally and aesthetically (Mercury & Venus) hope to achieve.

Cosmic Intuition is at an all time high with Mercury conjunct Uranus in Pisces, powered by the Luminaries, a Uranian-Neptunian Eight House breakthrough in consciousness, needed to assist the collective human healing process with Neptune and Chiron presently conjunct in Aquarius... an embodiment and symbolic archetype of the wounded soul (Chiron-Neptune) of humanity (Aquarius).


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