Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Uranus and Neptune - The Cosmic Masculine & Feminine

With the Outermost Planets the sense of inseparability becomes greater, as Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are of a unitive universal vibration... they are three aspects of the Spirit, what Hindus call Sat-Chit-Ananda, Existence, Knowledge, Bliss Absolute. Existence applying both to Saturn (outwardly/materially/physically) and to Pluto (inwardly/psychically/spiritually), while Knowledge or Cosmic Wisdom is the function of Uranus, The Higher Mind, in the highest super-conscious sense (beyond Jupiter's more personal, social & subjective intuitive function); and finally we come to Neptune the beholder of Bliss Absolute. If there is any absolute here to complete this picture it is the Sun itself, as one microcosmic individual solar spark of universal energy-essence is of the macrocosmic infinite absolute itself.

Here I find myself in an interesting position, as a thinker and student of the cosmos, to mark and clarity those subtle yet powerful differences between the yang and the yin elements of being that Uranus and Neptune (respectively) represent... and which Pluto embodies, empowers, manifests and evolves at the individual soul level, which microcosmically (as consistent with the size of Pluto physically) becomes our own personal practice, with all the emotional-mental baggage to go with it. Because Pluto represents the union (as in a sexual union) of Uranus and Neptune, and exists predominantly to magnify-expand-empower (as well as eliminate and negate) at the Quantum level our being.

Pluto's negation and elimination function, an inner feng shui or mental/emotional decluttering process, is worth mentioning here. Working with both Uranus and Neptune the destructive nature of Pluto (the aspect of Lord Shiva) has it's death/rebirth transformative and regenerative power operating. As Uranus discovers the new, Pluto removes or disposes of the old... Pluto is the "unlearning" aspect so key to Uranian learning and new discoveries, which is why Uranus exalts in Pluto Ruled Scorpio. Neptune is the openness of compassion and all inclusiveness or unconditional love... while Pluto works to rid Neptune of all its illusions and fogginess, the pipe dreams and fantasies that no longer serve and which we outgrow. Together they are a process of dissolution, death and return to our deepest oceanic true nature, the deepest depths down to the core of an eternal/timeless Collective Soul Reality.

In short Uranus is the movement, the constant change, the inquiry and desire to know, all that is proactive and affirmative. It is the outward discontent with establish social norms, rules and restrictions. It revolts and shakes things up, turns life inside and out and always encourages us to feel the four winds all around us. This energy has developed quite well (here in the western world) though still perhaps operating among a minority.

Neptune, that eastern world gem of humility, is where most of us here in the United States needs develop... it is the surrender, the unconditional acceptance, wisdom of the heart, the rapture of not knowing, the bliss of no self, and the innocence of a beginners mind. Where less is more, where the conqueror falls down in defeat and kneels humbly prostrating unto his Lord. Whereas Uranus is "freedom of the self", or discovery of the Eternal Present Moment(um), Neptune is "freedom from the self", the liberation that is dissolution and the end of all seeking for knowledge outside, and the end of time. Shiva, the Lord of Dissolution into Pure Consciousness or what Buddhists call Nirvana.

I believe this essence of Divine Love or Bliss will flower as we collectively move from Neptune in Aquarius to Pisces. Are we to take sidereal astrology into consideration here? This could mean a longer wait as sidereal-ly Neptune is just moving into Aquarius, whereas tropical-ly it will be moving out in 2011, in 2012 permanently. Right now we are tropical-ly in Mutual Reception... Uranus in Pisces (sign ruled by Neptune) and Neptune in Aquarius (sign ruled by Uranus). Uranus is the said "Ruler of Astrology" ... and In this light, Neptune is said "Ruler of Spirituality", astrologically speaking.

Uranus will very soon move into pioneering adventurous (and rebellious) Aries, which esoterically is an exaltation (Libra and Aries both, according to Alice Bailey). Pluto is in Capricorn, the boiling pot of corruption and destruction in the higher echelons of society, and the Plutonian Will that will dissolve all false self-seeking authoritarianism in this world. Powerful dictators will crumble, as will the authority of the Church and its high handed judgment of morality. The Uranian Spirit will lift us up in a spirit of bold rebellion and the urge for change while the Neptunian Spirit will teach us that "Love conquers all".

May we find the right balance within ourselves, our own natal outer-planetary influences, of the Masculine and Feminine aspects of the Universal Divine/Human Consciousness, as is quoted in the serenity prayer "serenity to accept, courage to change, and wisdom to know the difference".


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Joel D Zenie said...

In the truest spirit of Neptune, I humbly ask forgiveness from all (in both worlds, physical and cyber) whom I may have hurt or offended with occasional flares of arrogance and putting the concerns of my head before those of my heart.... getting lost sometimes in what is in my head at the expense of giving others my fuller and more frequent attention. This includes remarks said with much anger and righteousness. Uranian truth can be expressed somewhat insensitively at times, due to the element of fury (mythologically, "the furies") seeking release or radical change... then there is the side to Uranus that is clear and objective, the cloud breaker and destroyer of all negative or self-limiting illusions.

At this time it is essential to remember that we are all walking in different shoes on this earth, and cannot fully grasp or understand where another is coming from, and what their truth is which is not everyone's truth and need not be... the truth that we are all different in perspective along the path of this earthly journey is in the end common to us all (Neptunian) anyhow, so the line b/w separation and unity is a thin one. To be an individual is to be connected to the whole and in unity what all that is...