Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Moon's Nodes - Individual Soul's Path(s) of Least and Strongest Resistance

Understanding the balance, the fine connecting line (at the spine) which bonds the dragon's head with it's tail and vice versa, is key to understanding the highest function of Lunar Nodes. They are BOTH equally constructive or destructive, depending upon right use and not abuse of the karmic energies available to the individual soul (the Moon itself). In my experience I have found that when one node is operating excessively or dysfunctional then the other is as well, for the North and South Nodes of the Moon are truly interdependent functions, like inhaling and exhaling.

Excessive action and future orientation of the super Type A personality can lead one astray from contentment with the present, an insatiable restless urge that cannot sit still and be. Contrary yet similar to this, too much sanctuary dwelling, clinging to a familiar comfort zone born of the past, can become complacent and unwilling to embrace new experience, essentially going nowhere. One is obsessed with the future the other stuck in the past, and oftentimes it is simply alternating between the two extremes, living in the past and in the future but rarely if ever in the present.

In Indian Astrology as contrasted with the West, the North Node represents not spiritual aspiration but material ambition... I choose to exist in this world for the purpose of achieving my previously unfulfilled desires, to become what I am not already and be lead temporarily astray from the Dharma or spiritual purpose in life. In this human incarnation I seek to experience everything and be immersed in life's illusion as the only way to truth and liberation. As has so often been said before "the only way out is through".

The north node represents our sense of future... It says "I wanna do and experience all that life offers". According to Vedics we reincarnate fir many lifetimes due to unfulfilled desires in this world of maya or materialism. Upon reaching the pinnacle of achievement one is still unfulfilled, letting go is the south node function upon disillusionment with the material world, which is the path of least resistance that leads beyond the cycle of continuous birth death and rebirth. Detachment however is not possible without first having the experience from which one becomes disillusioned and detached. Abstinence and renunciation are only appropriate for the few who have truly gone beyond, those whom have really and truly seen it all.

The South Node represents what most of us in the West have lost touch with... the "downstream flow" and the "road of least resistance". Unless we first allow ourselves to be carried by the stream, going with the flow and continuing to let go, all activity and aspiration will lead one down a path of delusion and self-alienation... the socially isolated or aggressive (or passive aggressive) individual who brings only destruction upon the path because he is not aligned from within, not aware and creating resistance or friction everywhere he goes. Much of the Western World is this way, focused on achievement at the expense of inner peace and universal connection.


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