Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Stars and The Earth

It's uplifting and inspirational to reflect upon the nature of the Universe, the Sun, the Moon and the Stars, and what they all mean. It is however only really meaningful with the possibility of grounding this knowledge in concrete actions, sensations and down to earth experience. Otherwise such reflections are only a pleasurable escape which undermine living actively and feeling really connected here on Planet Earth.

Your own personal cosmology, be it astrology, transpersonal psychology or any other 'ology' is best when applied not only in reflection but also in action. All that the Stars, Sun, Moon and Planets embody, symbolize and represent is a reality manifesting here on Earth... The Earth is that planetary energy which represents how the other planetary and stellar bodies become concrete realities, subject to sentience and a generally subjective outlook or gestalt perspective on one's own life. 

Knowing one's own life meaning and personal guidance is the first priority, then it becomes more possible to assist others (those without much knowledge of Astrology) in helping them understand theirs, either as a  personal friend or professionally in a reading.

 The Sky and Earth, the Stars and Living Beings, must come together, in universality, synthesis and perfect harmony.

In Stellar Light,

Joel D Zenie    

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Joel D Zenie said...

What interests me personally about Astrology, is not how it can pigeonhole me into the qualities of a given sign, those of my Sun-Moon-Ascendant and Planets, but how it shows an essentially Universal Energy Vibration manifesting individually, beginning with "I Am..."