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Karmic Debt Numbers

Karmic numbers

Hitchcock singles out four compound numbers for particular attention and relates them to Tarot cards. These numbers, she suggests, represent the influences from actions in previous lives that have to be overcome in this life. The karmic numbers are 13, 14, 16 and 19. The problem here is that there are several different and conflicting orderings of the Major Arcana. My favourite deck, the Thoth Tarot starts at 0 for the Fool, for example.

Leaving aside these difficulties for a moment, here is Hitchcock's take on these numbers and their related Tarot cards:

Malefic or Karmic number thirteen

The Tarot card for arcanum thirteen is entitled "Death" or "The Reaper". It is symbolized by the skeleton, which is the accepted figure of death, taken figuratively. You fear death mainly because you fear the unknown beyond the grave. The actual interpretation is that death does not mean the end of life, but it constitutes change, motion, or transformation. Change is what we call death. In other words, death is a rebirth, renewal, and an inspirational beginning. The thirteenth card or karmic number signifies that death is merely a change of consciousness.

Through superstition the number thirteen came into ill repute. It really is a period of regeneration. The keyword is work on the material plane. The warning given is that there is danger of backsliding into laziness, negativity, and inefficiency. Trials and tests of proficiency will be given on the material plane, and work is the solution. It warns against being indifferent, discontented, and ill-mannered.

Malefic or Karmic number fourteen

Arcanum fourteen represents physical possessions. It warns of loss of property and failure in business. It is hard for a fourteen to learn his lesson, because he often tries to gain freedom by destructive methods or at the expense of others. This brings loss, sickness and death. You are too interested in physical physical senses. Fourteen has also been called the number of experience. If fourteen is found as the total vowel number, then you'll experience many emotional upsets and delays. If fourteen occurs as the total destiny number, many disappointments and losses will be encountered. If fourteen is the total of the birthpath, you must learn the lesson of detachment. This means to have and let go.

The basic message of the warning number fourteen is lack of understanding. Often we don't understand the motives of others, not even our own, for we act one way and think and feel in another. Through understanding we develop humility, compassion, and overflowing love. We should avoid going to extremes. Be temperate.

Hitchcock does not actually name the associated card, but it is pretty clear she is talking about the Temperance card; the last sentence is a bit of a give away.

Malefic or Karmic number sixteen

Tarot card number sixteen entitled the "The Tower"depicts ruin. The falling tower indicates the crushing of human pride and vanity. The structure was built of ignorance and wrong doing, through self-will and a self-centred life. Not until we understand the true nature of willpower do we destroy false ideas, and learn what is right.

Number sixteen warns of some strange calmity, defeat of plans, disgrace, accidents, deception, and adversity. It indicates the karma of former illegitimate love affairs. Number sixteen offers the test of optimism and faith. "If number sixteen is found as the total of the soul's urge, it shows false friends and broken dreams. If it appears as the destiny number, it warns of loss of name, position, fortune, and power. If it is the number of the total birthpath, then all the tragedies must be learned - love to lose, rise to fall. You must not cling to the material.

Karmic number nineteen

Tarot card number nineteen symbolizes the "Sun" or "Reunion." It is not inanimate, but a living force. Nineteen is the equalizer or collector. It demands an "eye for an eye." We get out of life just what we put into it. Number nineteen warns you not to be domineering, but exercise tolerance. You formerly took something, and now you must pay it back. It is a test of endurance. If your soul's urge totals nineteen, then you'll have to face all of life's secrets which may have been hidden and are now dragged out. If nineteen occurs as a total of your destiny, you may find you have lost everything at the end of your life. If nineteen occurs as the total of your birth path, then you must meet your failings, and reap what you have sown. Even though you'd like to be free, you must now pay the piper. If nineteen occurs as the total of either your heart or destiny number, it means you brought this karma over from a previous life. It is a weakness in character which must be overcome by living up to the digits of the test number.

If you cast your eye over my name and date of birth, you will find that 19 in particular is relevant to me. My birth path can also add up to 19. I must say, many aspects of this number have surfaced over years, in particular during my Second Pinnacle (1+9=10 or 1). Nineteen gives an the opportunity to discover the reasons for events in life, a useful skill for a clairvoyant.

Helyn Hitchcock


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Some other interpretations:

The number 13 in karmic debt

People with carrying the karmic debt of 13 may often feel that for every two steps forward they take one step back. As a result some give up and others succumb to laziness. However, hard work is the watch word of the number 13 and with focus and concentration those burdened by the number will succeed.

The number 14 in karmic debt

This karmic debt is often accrued through overindulgence in previous lives. As a result those burdened by the number may once again fall prey to the temptations of drugs, alcohol, too much food or other heady delights. The watchword of the number 14 is commitment. This karmic debt is overcome by leading an ordered but flexible life.

The number 16 in karmic debt

The number 16 represents revolution, the pulling down of the old establishment in favour of something new. It stands for regeneration as much as it does for destruction. Those burdened by the number 16 will experience this; they will experience a great fall but will regenerate and recover with strength. Humility is essential and the ego is a great weakness.

The number 19 in karmic debt

This karmic debt drives people towards the extremes of independence and sometimes isolation. The challenge faced by those carrying this burden is to open up and except help from others. Lessons are often learnt the hard way by those living with the number 19.

In Pure Spirit

Do you carry any of the karmic debt numbers? What does it mean to you? Do you think one of these numbers might be in play in your life?

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