Tuesday, August 31, 2010

True and False Astrology ~ Removing the devil from details

It suddenly became clear to me the discerning wisdom that dictates what is to be taken seriously and what to ignore in the interpretive arbitrary world of Astrological understanding. It has puzzled and perplexed me for the longest time and is a deterrent for many a western mind that looks upon Astrology as mere superstition.

It is that superstitious element that must be removed, and the hard and fast dogma of astrologers that point to a very specific time that one must be present to perform rituals, affirmations for the year and so forth. Also the charlatan astrologers that send emails saying "don't miss this opportunity". In short... the pressure to make the absolute most out of a minute period in time, regardless of the context and circumstances, is getting caught in the details and not seeing the big progressive picture... an eternal movement that makes no more importance of one moment than the next.

Have such "astrologers" considered how incredibly few people even know what a Solar Return is, let alone know to be present for it with only good positive energy... or else!!?? I had a very uneventful but extremely insightful RETROGRADE birthday yesterday... It became clear as day what needs to be removed, thrown out like trash, and neuroses based on superstitious nonsense is first and foremost.

I expect a great and prosperous new Solar Year that eliminates and removes all that has up till now kept me stuck... true freedom comes with acknowledging mindfully one's bondage and then spontaneously recognizing what must go. All that remains is the joy and innate wisdom... Faith and Hope, Light and Love, and a movement of positive evolution in alignment with the Infinite and Eternal Beingness...


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