Thursday, December 31, 2009

Four Resolutions & Four Angles - The Cross of Matter

#1 Ascendant - 1st House - Keynote: Individual Action and Self-Assertion (Ascension)

Commitment to mindfully productive and efficient action, in service of self. A commitment to succeed by moving forward, out of comfort zone and into the mainstream of living. Movement, focus and flow.

#2 Nadir - 4th House - Keynote: Subjective Personal Life, Home & Heart, Coexistence

Emotional and Physical Feng Shui, in the home of the psyche, the body and household, healing and emotional wellness, for myself and immediate partner. Become more communal and less of a homebody. Commitment to inner wellness, stability and harmony.

#3 Descendant - 7th House - Keynote: Others, Key Partnerships, Social Life, Service

Serve, Love and Give as much and as often as possible. Cease living in isolation (even when in solitude)... all service, generosity and overall benevolence I get for myself I also give to others however I can. Commitment to love, relationship and significant others.

#4 Mid-Heaven - 10th House - Keynote: Objective Public Life, Time, Occupation, Obligations (to self and society).

Fill time up wisely, waste not want not, expand horizons in the outside world, establish structure/system for managing my time, responsibilities, obligations and outside activities intelligently and efficiently.


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