Monday, September 7, 2009

Full Moon Pisces

*This is the real deal right here, forwarded to me by a friend today, very true to my own experience of this Full Moon period...

Full Moon in Pisces today 9/4!

Dearest Friends

As of this morning, Friday September 4 at 9:03 AM PDT (CA time), we have
been blessed with a beautiful Full Moon in Pisces (chart in attachment).

Compassion, art, creativity, mysticism, meditation, healing, channeling
and dreaming... are all favored this coming month (until the next Full
Moon in Aries on October 3). As we naturally experience oneness with the
entirety of life and become acutely aware of our multi-dimensionality, we
are able to access higher realms of consciousness effortlessly.

This Moon asks us to balance our dreams with our reality. This is a time
to come into alignment with what our hearts dictate, no matter how crazy
this may seem to those around us. If we have been staying in a job, a
location or a relationship just out of a false sense of safety -or worse,
fear of change!- now is the time to fine tune our life circumstances with
our true purpose. It is important that our souls soar freely. When we
follow our intuition and take a leap of faith, we shall be amazed to
realize that the universe supports us energetically, financially and
emotionally in the most magical of ways.

This is a time to tap into our inner resources, brain storm with ourselves
and like-spirited others, come up with new ideas for our businesses, our
relationships, the places where we live and how we live. This is a time to
go deeply into our thoughts and the ways we communicate. We are likely to
find ourselves separating from -or avoiding- fear based, manipulative,
egotistical individuals (they may also be serving a bigger plan by
rejecting us!!!). Anger or turning away is sometimes the most appropriate
response in the face of what threatens our integrity. We spontaneously
X-ray situations and people. This enables us to detect the lies and
realize that not all is what it seems. Intense discrimination is called
for at this time!

We are regenerating at a cellular level which also means that we should be
paying close attention to our diet. It is recommended to eat the way
Nature intended us to: fresh, raw, organic fruit, vegetables and sprouts,
making sure we drink plenty of pure, energetic water, breathe deeply,
exercise in harmony with our bodies (yoga, swimming, walking...) and sleep
enough in an electronic-free, quiet bedroom. Our night visions should be
particularly significant during this month as we literally dream our
reality into being.

Now is the time to free ourselves from whatever has been blocking the flow
of our higher self. If we ask for divine guidance with a pure heart,
spontaneous healing can occur, the fulfillment of our highest purpose can
take place and turmoil can be replaced by peace.

We are truly entering a month where the separation between what was and
what is becoming is more and more visible. The gap between those who give
faith to the collective subconscious promoting fear, scarcity and lack,
and those who are becoming true masters of their own destinies by giving
power to their divine self to create financial abundance, happiness and
love, is deepening.

The question this Full Moon asks of all us is: what reality are we
choosing for ourselves?

In Loving Light.


Michelle Karén M.A., D.F.Astrol.S.

Astrologer, author of

Astrology For Enlightenment

Atria books, Simon and Schuster

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